lower slaughter


“The landscape belongs to those who look at it.”      

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finally, as promised, my visit to the next Cotswolds village on my list, Lower Slaughter. Unlike Bourton on the Water, this little village is not teemed with quaint shops selling lovely trinkets. Nonetheless, it’s still swarmed with tourists all year-long, simply for its breathtaking beauty. It has the River Eye running through it, and many limestone cottages (a trademark of Cotswolds architecture). I just love walking down the river and taking in the beautiful scenery, very green and tranquil indeed. Another highlight of this village is an old water-mill, which adds to the overall picturesque view. What else can I say, certainly nature at one of its very best, praise be to God for such beauty in this corner of the world! Do pop by if you happen to pass through, a must especially for those who love nature. Take a leisurely stroll, plenty of deep breaths and just take it all in, you’ll be amazed at how wonderfully refreshed you feel afterwards! This time around I was busy taking photos for my blog of course, I had to remind myself to put the camera away after a while to enjoy my walk to the fullest. Alhamdulillah, I also feel a lot better now, I was feeling a bit down for the past week from missing my beloved family who’s returned to my homeland. But life goes on as they say, and I shall treasure the sweet memories for always, after all meeting/parting with those you love (both in life and death) is part and parcel of this temporal existence. Right, enough of my chattering, I’ll let you get on and enjoy the pictures below. Till we meet again in my next entry, all being well, cheerio!


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  1. Salam 🙂 Drooling looking at your pictures.We bumped into Bourton on the water tak sengaja dulu 🙂 masa tu me and husband took a train from London and we stopped at Moreton in Marsh..dah tu kita berlegar2 lah kat Moreton town tu and naik local bus..we asked the driver mana yang cantik lagi kat area tu..so he suggested Bourton and asked us to stay on the bus and once reach there he will stop.I fell in love with the place tapi masa tu tak boleh lama sebab February,cepat gelap nak rush ambik train yang 2 1/2 hours ke London balik..menggigil gigil sejuk tapi sangat seronok. Memang teringin nak visit balik kalau ada rezki di beri Allah. Now that my niece got a place to do her Master at Imperial College,London maybe ada reason nak pi visit her nanti.Take Care..enjoy your summer 🙂 😉

  2. bourton on the water memang cantik, so is this place lower slaughter, there’s a couple more like bibury and stow on the wold….memang worth visiting more than once! hope you get a chance to visit england again one day inshallah…lots of rain in summer so far, but alhamdulillah i managed to take my mom and sis out and about…you take care too, thanx for popping by!