bibury trout


Finally, the football fever (Euro Cup) is over for now, with Spain as champions once more! I’m not into football per say, but somehow gets drawn into it for a bit when the two men in my household watch it together. When my little man (almost 13 now) went away for a school camping trip last weekend his dad was at a lost watching football alone, it’s not the same just having his three daughters curled up around him, he needs his only son to share comments, yells, cheers and general excitement together. Football is definitely a man’s world in my home! Brings back memories of my late dad who was also very fond of football, he had no son to watch with him though, but it never stopped him from enjoying all the matches on television. Even stayed up till the early hours of the morning if he had to, due to the time difference between the East and the West. Somehow my son reminds me of my dad all over again through this all time favourite sports!

It’s been raining again in England, which reminds me of the time my mom and sister visited a few weeks ago, when we took them fishing in Bibury. It was raining cats and dogs, but we managed to have a lovely picnic (salmon trimmings on buttered french bread, with fresh cherry tomatoes, olives, strawberries) under a huge parasol, with cups of hot tea and coffee to warm us up. Had it been just us adults, we would have returned home and visited again on another dry day, but when you have promised the children to go fishing, it’s a bit difficult to deal with their disappointment particularly the youngest ones with big tears rolling down their cheeks! So off we went fishing in the rain, it turned out to be rather enjoyable after all for everyone, we had a lovely memorable time together. We returned home with four fat trouts (caught by my 4 children with the help of their auntie and papa) for me to cook! Below are some images from our Bibury trip, another beautiful Cotswolds village with a huge trout farm, definitely worth visiting time and again, even in the pouring rain! 🙂

at trout farm

feeding the trout!

fishing needs a lot of patience!


someone needs to gut the fish!


Arlington Row (famous cotwolds cottages in Bibury) in the rain


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  1. Seems like a great time was had by all on your fishing adventures. I’ve been fishing once a few years ago and actually enjoyed it. I might have to do it again sometime. Nice photos, too!

  2. thank you for your nice comments, yes we had a great time, this is our 3rd time at trout fishing, the children just love it, I do too! we’ve been fishing in a boat at sea once too, by the coast of dorset, caught some fat mackerels! thanks for popping by!

  3. it is kan…even on a rainy day, that’s what amazes me, mashallah! thanks for popping by, really appreciate it, and i’m happy to be able to share all this natural beauty with everyone.

  4. Salam Noor,thanks for your doa,InsyAllah i will remember you and family in my doa too.What a lovely outing especially at a lovely place like that.Is that Slamon or trout that you managed to catch? Macam Salmon:):) Tia Mia love grilled salmon’s bellies:) Bless syaaban and Ramadhan to come to you and family Noor and thanks for the info on buka puasa;);)

    • its trout, there’s a huge trout farm in bibury, i visit once a year, not too far from where I live, truly lovely place! take care yeah whilst in europe, have a memorable time with beloved family!

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