award time!


Right, time for some acknowledgements! I received this award last week from a fellow WordPress blogger, who nominated my blog as one of her favourites. I was delighted of course, as she’s a lovely blogger with a sense of humour and genuinity which I like. From my observation I realized that blogging isn’t just about your blog entries per say (through words or photos), but also the ability to appreciate other bloggers, be it just a sincere click of the ‘like’ button! Therefore I often find myself drawn towards warm friendly blogs/bloggers first and foremost. Anyway, rule number 1 in accepting this award is to thank the blogger who nominated me and link to her, so thank you words with nanna prawn for the nomination and for following my blog, much appreciated! And to the rest of you reading this entry, do check her blog out!

Rule number 2 is to share 7 random things about myself which I haven’t already revealed in my blog. So here goes (in no particular order)!

  1. I used to love Prince and his album Purple Rain as a teenager, and hence the colour purple. Now in my 4th decade I still love purple but not Prince, in fact I’m wondering why I was so crazy about him back then!
  2. I hate flying, especially when encountering turbulence. I never go to sleep during the 12 hour direct flight London-Kuala Lumpur nor during the return journey, unfortunately I can never get out of this torturous situation as I must fly back to my homeland sometimes to visit my beloved family there.
  3. I do not own a television set, something my hubby and I agreed upon after we got married, as we feel it’s a complete waste of time sitting down watching rubbishy programs most of the time. 15 years on, we are still happy without it and believe we’ve become a close family unit as a result. We’re selective over what we watch which we do time and again via DVDs or the internet.
  4. I’m not actually the eldest of 3 daughters, I had an older sister who died in infancy, she’s buried in the beautiful Penang Island where I grew up. My mom said she’s the fairest of us all, the rest of us are a quite tanned, combination of our very fair mom and our dark-skinned late beloved dad.
  5. When I was little an old Indian lady in Penang who was a bit of a fortune-teller told my mom that I was going to travel far far away when I grew up, my mom refused to believe her of course (we’re not superstitious). What a coincidence that her prophecy did come true (my destiny as ordained by God)!
  6. My dad shaved his moustache at one point when I was little, I cried uncontrollably and refused to be comforted by him. I rolled down the stony staircase of my childhood home in my protests and bumped my head badly! My dad never shaved his moustache ever afterwards, and I knew from then on that my ideal man would have to be one with facial hair.
  7. My favourite place in this world could be anywhere on the globe as long as I’m surrounded by my loved ones, and there is some sense of community spirit as I step outside my four walls. That’s where I’m the happiest. I cannot imagine living alone ever (not if I can help it)!

Next is to list down 15 bloggers whom I’ve had the privilege of following and would like to acknowledge as my favourites. I’ve found this task very difficult as there’s so many wonderful bloggers out there! However, my aim is to bring forward bloggers of various backgrounds from both the East and the West. Therefore after much deliberation and consideration over the past week, here’s my final top 15 (in no particular order), do check them out!

know the spheregoing dutch, mountain mae400 days ’til 40, a little blog of books and other stuffgood morning life!uzair ahmadmesayah – life through the micphoto nature bloglijiunnabadip’s blog, aneesa and faraaztarek of cairo, a moon full, joy manifest’s blog.

The last rule is to notify all 15 bloggers and link them to this post. They’re not obliged to accept this chain of appreciation amongst WordPress bloggers, in fact I’m certain several have received some award or another already. Suffice for them to know that I enjoy following their blogs and to those who follow mine, I appreciate it very much (if you do want to acknowledge this award, copy the logo above and abide to the 4 rules). I actually follow twice the number of blogs listed and have added more as I go along. There’s also blogs which I don’t follow but check upon now and then, it’s a shame there’s a 15 only restriction or I would’ve listed them all! At the end of the day, I’m of the opinion that all decent bloggers are admirable as they want to share something interesting with everyone. As long as we can do that without offending others and exercise tolerance and respect over our differences I think blogging can be rather fun and beneficial. It helps us understand ourselves as well as others who share this one big planet with us. Happy blogging everyone!:)

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  1. Dearest friend,
    Congratulations to you on the award and recognition. Keep blogging for I enjoy reading every single one of your post. Selamat berpuasa to you and your beloved family.

    • thank you my old friend, you’re definitely my no.1 supporter in this blogging world! thanx so much for your continuous belief and encouragement, means a lot! selamat berpuasa to u and family too…berbuka (iftar) around 9.15pm, and sahur ends at 3.15am over here, quite challenging this year! by the time we finish terawih it’s midnite!

  2. I don’t think I ever congratulated you for the award you received! So, Congratulations!:-)
    I have been working on the list and I’m almost done. Again, thanks again for nominating me.
    I’m glad to have crossed blogs.

    • thank you moon! you’re a lovely and inspiring blogger, you deserve the nomination! I’m pleased to have met you too, hope we can continue to inspire each other through this blogging world!:)

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