ramadan mubarak 2012


We’ve been fasting for almost a week now, how time flies! Although it’s a very long fast for us this year in England (18 hours), we’re able to complete each fast without too much difficulty (despite the current heat wave), that is the blessing of fasting in this holy month of Ramadan. Try fasting at any other time in the year (according to the Islamic calendar), it would not be quite as easy! I won’t attempt to write further on fasting in Ramadan, as I found a lovely enlightening post by one of my favourite fellow bloggers, the sweet couple Aneesa and Faraaz in Korea. Please read their Ramadan entry below to get a better insight on the topic (especially those who aren’t exposed to many regular Muslims like us), they’ve summed it well!

Ramadaan, Recovery & Recognition.

I just want to add how much I miss the Ramadan Bazaar (street vendors selling food for breaking fast) which mushrooms in every corner back in my homeland Malaysia during this fasting month. I’ve included several images of such Bazaars below to share with you (courtesy of Google images). I just love the buzzing atmosphere, when it comes to the food however, caution must be exercised, as some cuisine might look better than it tastes! It’s best to buy from sellers you are familiar with or those with a flock of customers queuing or hovering about. The last thing you want is to end up with a lousy meal or worse still a bout of bad tummy after a whole day’s fast! The last time I went to a Ramadan Bazaar was back in 2006, I sure do miss it! I hope someday I will be able to spend Ramadan in my homeland again, Inshallah (God willing)!

Although there’s no Ramadan Bazaars here in England, we’re still very blessed when it comes to food for breaking our fasts, as we often exchange dishes with our Muslim neighbours and friends (time for me to polish up my cooking skills really!). We also attend gatherings with friends where we break our fast together and share our food. It brings us closer to each other and cultivates generosity within ourselves. For the past week we’ve had all sorts of wonderful cuisines from our Indian and French neighbours, as well as our Pakistani and Indonesian friends. My children always look forward to the last hour before we break our fast, for I will either send them to deliver my home cooking to the neighbours, or we will hear the doorbell ring with some bearer of a delicious dish! Praise be to God for his many blessings! I leave you now with a couple of my children’s favourite Ramadan songs in Arabic, they insisted that I share them here on my blog. In the meantime, I’m off to see what to cook for Iftar this evening, Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims who are fasting! 🙂


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  1. It’s going great for me as well. Better than expected and not as hard as I assumed. Perhaps it’s because of what you mentioned, the time of year in the Islamic calendar. I orignially agreed with my friend to do three days, as i have never fasted, and he suggested to try five. I said, “i’m committing to three but i am open for more.” He was satisfied with my answer. Well, it will be a week tomorrow and I feel great and blessed. I’m not putting a timeline to my fast, i’m truly being open about it.

    On another note, I went to a Mosque for the first time on the first day of Ramadan. The food was delicious. The majority of the Muslims there are from the islands, mostly from Trinidad. I went the next day again to break fast, and again, the food did not disappoint. Hopefully this friday i will go to a different Mosque where they serve Indian food. I’ve never had it.

    This has been a wonderful experience for me thus far. I have many new brothers who are Muslim and cherish them deeply, and I find it only right to learn about their culture, religion and lifestyle. This will be an unforgettable year for me! 🙂

    Peace, Love and Light,

    • I’m very pleased for you Moon! Wasn’t so sure what sort of fast you were observing when you mentioned it in my feedback page, now I know you’re fasting in Ramadan! May God bless you and make it easy for you, and I pray you will find peace, love and light in your life. Hope you’ll have some delicious food on Friday too, Indian food is one of the best! Take good care!

  2. We miss you so much! Ramadan is never the same without you and the family here!

    • my pleasure! your ramadan post was light and to the point, mine would’ve sounded more ‘serious’, definitely not here to preach! 🙂 alhamdulillah england is home after 16 years and where we live there is a reasonable size of muslim community. hope you guys are not too isolated out there, you have each other though, that makes up for everything else!

  3. Salam Noor! Ramadhan Al Mubarak to you and family:) Belum bukak puasa lagi kan:) Ha ha i kinda miss buka puasa ay 9.20pm,suddenly 7.30 pm becomes too fast:);) he..hee) Selamat berbuka:) masak apa today? You miss bazaar ramadhan..surely you do,i yg pergi kejap ni pun miss but the first attempt buying food at bazaar ramadhan yesterday ended up with all of us having bad stomache:(:( 21 days abroad and 1 day back in Malaysia terus sakit perut..welcome back to mesia i told my husband,apa pun so alhamdulillah dah back to home sweet home so happy to see my mom and the rest even my maid! she took good care of the house:)Noor i miss many of your lovely entries:) wahh your hb look so grand in the graduation robe and you look very sweet next to him:) Noor,i went to a beautiful place near geneva called Yvoire it was like Cotswold and i remember you;) Will post some pictures on it soon:) I went to French most beautiful yown called Annecy too, may be you have been there, it was like Little Venice;) Ok lah Noor,selamat berbuka to you:):)salam.

    • salam, glad you’re back safely, not the same without you in the blogging world! today I cooked lamb curry with sweet potato and paratha, starter dates, fruit salad, samosas and sharbat (syrup with milk and ice-cream), simple je! 🙂 ramadan bazaar is like that, have to be extra cautious, thats what I wrote in my post. my sister bought some food last year and it tasted bland, although it looked super delicious. i posted abt my hubby’s graduation coz once in a lifetime achievement, he’s worked so very hard, it’s only right for me to treasure it on my blog. thanks for your compliments! looking forward to read more updates on your blog, its nice that you remembered me during your holiday. take care okay, remember us in your doas! 🙂

  4. Always good to know there is another Malaysian in England, I am one. Ramadhan Mubarak to you too.

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