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Can you name a few people from the top of your head who’s most inspiring in your present life? I certainly can. I’m not talking about those closest to your heart like your partner, parents or religious faith (although they are a constant source of inspiration to me personally). I’m talking about ordinary people we encounter throughout our lives. Each day we meet all sorts of characters; from our extended families, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances to strangers on the street. I believe that every single person we meet has a positive impact on our lives, some more so than others. Some people might leave a negative impact upon us too, which I see as God’s way of teaching us a few life’s lessons, of how this world is not a bed of roses with everything revolving around us alone. Back to those positive people; these days more often than not I’m most inspired by those who can still smile through hardships that befell them, those who can genuinely be happy when seeing others blessed with good fortunes, those who notice good in others at first instance, those who look for ways to cheer others, those who are not prejudiced or judgemental and those who are positive about life in general. This life is full of ups and downs, but being exposed to these sort of people inspires me to be happy and grateful, they give meaning to my life by motivating me towards goodness and positivity. And ever since I began blogging with WordPress 8 months ago, I’ve discovered more inspiring people in this world, and for this I feel truly blessed. Regardless of our backgrounds, I believe most people have a lot of good in them that can benefit others, knowingly or unknowingly.

The number of people who have motivated me in the past and present is endless, I do feel very fortunate indeed to have met many amazing characters both from the East and the West, throughout my 4 decades in this life. For this particular post however, I would like to mention my latest inspirations; two of whom are my neighbours I’ve befriended over the past year. One of them is over a decade younger than I am, but her character is so admirable I cannot help but look up to her. The other one is several years older than I am, and I’m constantly amazed at her simplicity, strength and natural goodness. I would also like to mention my newly found blogger friend Moon in South Florida, and another blogger friend Zuraidah in Malaysia, they both continue to inspire me each day with their warmth, boundless energy and a zest for life that is contagious. We all have our differences in our values and outlook on life, but at the end of the day, we are all the same too, in that we share similar feelings of joy and sadness. As long as we continue to inspire each other towards good, this world will be worth living, this world will keep spinning round for the better. Remember that someone is always looking up to you, and that you make a difference in someone’s else’s life, whether you realized it or not. A simple genuine smile straight from the heart is sufficient sometimes to stir someone’s heart; enough for them to feel appreciated, loved and cherished.


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  1. I totally agree with you, there are a number of people who had inspired me (inspite of my parents of course, and my dad is my super hero). Many times in my travels in my college days I used to meet people who sometimes surprise me to the core. And all that time i’m always made to analyse my life with theirs and always felt I had a silver spoon upbringing..!!

    • yes, when we compare ourselves with those who are less fortunate, or with those who have faced greater challenges in life, and witness their strengths and smiles through it all, we’re made to realized how easy we’ve had it. we should count our blessings and learn from these people, and appreciate each being we meet during our brief time in this life.

  2. As I’m reading the blog, it makes me reflect on those who I’ve come across my whole life, specifically since the beginning of 2011. As I continue reading, I see my name and felt an instant warm and humbling feeling. Thank you so very much for the gesture, you are very precious! And I feel the same way. I have met some great people in this blogging world since I joined in May of this year, and an even greater amount of wonderful souls since last year alone! Everyone in our lives have a purpose, be it someone you met for only 10 minutes, or someone who’s been in your life for 10 years. Everyone counts. And you, my dear friend, are a new blessing in my life! Thank you 🙂

    • thats so true, everyone who’s crossed paths with us in this life adds a new dimension to us each time and makes us what we are today, they all count and we learn something from each person, no matter how small. thank you moon for adding that bit to my blog! i feel honored to be in your life right now, and am truly blessed to have you in mine, for you have widened my horizons especially in viewing those who are different from me in a more positive light, and learning to appreciate them for what they are, thank you so much.

  3. Inspiration indeed! This whole post emanates so much positive energy that I feel warm and fuzzy inside just by reading it. 🙂 I agree that everyone inspires everyone in some way whether we realize it or not. As long as we all try to be the best we can and take things as they come, I’m certain that inspiration and good energy will come naturally.

    • thank you, the best thing i like about writing and sharing your thoughts/feelings is when readers can relate to it, and when it sets them thinking and pondering about it too. truly appreciate your input, well said and so true! love your lil blog games too, splendid way to get your readers to break the ice and share their thoughts! 🙂

  4. Salam Noor! Thank You very much, i feel honored 🙂 There’s so much for me to learn from life and including from you,the most important is to be honest,no matter how small we are or how less if we are honest,sincere it will shine. When i first read your blog with no comments at that time i can feel the ‘quality’ in you,the warmness and so much ‘potential’.I left my first comment so that you will write more and share more of your beautiful life 🙂 It turns out to be so true,look at all your entries, they are so beautiful and i turned out to be inspired by it!
    In life sometimes you don’t need presents to be feel good, if we can make one people smile it’s a big achievement as smile comes from heart and not all would give you something directly from their hearts.
    I love all you recent entries Noor, as usual your pictures always amaze me,i love the ‘midsummer ‘ picture too..i feel cotswold so near to heart 🙂
    Thank you again,insyAllah i keep you and your family in my doa in this Ramadhan, please keep us in you doa too 🙂 🙂

    • thanks zu for your wonderful and encouraging words! your blog is truly beautiful, mainly because of your warmth and sincerity. and thanx for believing in me…means a lot. same goes to my old friend ruzila in malaysia, if you’re reading this, thanx so much for your encouragement from day 1 of my blogging episode… 🙂

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