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Time for me to acknowledge two more blog awards bestowed upon me recently, am truly honoured indeed! I received the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ below from two fellow bloggers on the very same day, 24 hours after publishing my previous post entitled ‘my inspiration‘. Reminds me of the saying ‘what comes around goes around’! A warm heart-felt thanks from me to both lovely bloggers, Dana The Actress and Aneesa and Faraaz for the nominations, you certainly made my day when I received them within hours of each other! These bloggers attained the same award from some other inspiring fellow bloggers before they passed it on to me, so it’s a must to check their blogs out, read and be inspired!The ‘Best Follower Award’ below was awarded to me just after posting a long acknowledgement on my very first ‘Lovely Blog Award’. To be honest I was thoroughly exhausted in preparing this particular post, deciding upon the top 15 bloggers to pass on the award to was not an easy process for me, not to mention very time-consuming indeed! And now that I’ve discovered more wonderful bloggers out there I’ve decided to bend the rules a little, no passing on awards this time around! However, I would like to thank The White Pumpkin Light (an amazing blogger, a must read) for this lovely nomination, it’s always a real pleasure when others recognize and acknowledge your blog! I also realized how important it is for a blogger to be a good follower too, for blogging is a two-way process, otherwise it would be like talking to myself, and for that my daily personal diary would have been sufficient. A dear blogger friend commented on how my blog has transformed from a rose bud to wonderful blooms, this certainly would not have been possible without the support, interest, feedback and inspiration from other bloggers and readers out there!

All in all, blogging has been a lovely experience for me so far (8 months now). As mentioned in one of the posts featured in Freshly Pressed recently, a good blog ought to be informative, entertaining and inspiring. I truly agree with this, and I shall try my best to improve my posts along these lines. Likewise, I read other blogs to be informed, educated, entertained and inspired, definitely a two-way process! I remember how I hesitated in allowing comments on my posts when I began blogging. Now I can see how important they are, for without them I wouldn’t know my readers’ thoughts and feelings on what I’ve shared. As with the ‘like’ button, it’s always nice to be appreciated, even if you cannot think of anything to say! I know some bloggers question the sincerity of their readers, whether they mean it when they press the ‘like’ button or hoping to get more links to their blogs instead. I, however, wish to take my readers at face value. I can only judge your actions, your intentions you yourself know and have to live by. So thank you my dear readers from the bottom of my heart; do keep on reading, commenting (keep it sweet though, respect and tolerance high on my list) and liking my posts! These awards wouldn’t have been mine without you, my blog would’ve resembled a barren landscape without you! 🙂


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