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A beautiful song from my homeland I would like to share in memory of my father, who left us on EIDUL FITR 2001.

How often, if at all, do you think about death? Most of us (myself included), I believe, do not dwell on death all the time. It would be depressing if we did. Especially if we have young children, if possible we’d hope to live for as long as we could just to see them go through this life fulfilled and happy. But time and again, we cannot help but contemplate death, especially when we hear of one; be it a family member, relative, friend, neighbour, acquaintance or someone in the community. My husband received such bad news today, an old friend from his undergraduate years at University was taken ill so suddenly and passed away on his way to hospital. He was in his 40s like us, a decent family man who led a lifestyle similar to ours. It’s almost unthinkable and shocking that he’s truly left us. It would have been different somehow if we had heard of an elderly person’s death, or someone who’s been seriously ill. Yes, we would have been sad, but not like this, someone of our own generation, who was reasonably healthy (as far as we know). Somehow this has hit us close to home. What initially came to mind was that death is inevitable, no one can escape it, it’s just a matter of time. And when it arrives, we leave everything behind, all that we love and treasure in this world. My faith teaches me not to get too attached to this world, we should live in it as if we’re a mere traveler passing through. This wake up call we (hubby and I) just received serves to remind us of our fragile and brief existence. As always, every death news I hear brings back memories of my most tragic loss, my late beloved father. Although it’s been over 10 years now, I still miss him tremendously. The first few years without him was hard, but I knew he would have wanted me to smile and carry on, and so I did eventually. My father cannot be replaced, but I now have my husband and my son (the male figures in my current life) who reminds me of him in many ways, and for that I’m truly grateful and blessed. Life goes on, people come and go, it’s so important to appreciate every soul we meet. In this particular post I would like to remember everyone in my life who’s left this world, my prayers are with them. And may my hubby’s friend rest in peace and attain his place in Paradise, may his family remain strong through this most difficult time, Ameen. From God we come and to Him we return. Last but not least, to all Muslims reading this (especially those who know me personally), do remember me and family in your prayers in the last 10 days of this blessed Ramadan, and please forgive me for my many shortcomings. MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN.

my beloved father 1937-2001



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  1. I’m sorry dear for your loss. However I do not agree that death is depressing. To me it is a motivation. It motivates me to improve myself in the eyes of Allah swt because I don’t want to end up in a bad place not even a split second.
    It motivates me to pass this test and I am grateful I still have a chance to pass the test. I seek refuge to be bedridden or not able to make the solat when I am sick. Scary!

    • I agree with you totally! It’s just that I remember going round like a zombie after losing my dad, and how it affected those around me. I finally snapped out of it and focused on living wholly again. Death is inevitable as we all know, am always praying we all have a good life and a good end InshaAllah.

  2. Hi Salam Noor,

    Yes what you said is perfectly true and really touch my heart….may Allah swt educate us with patient and strength to face all challenges in our life…

    Rose @ Penang

  3. My condolences to you. I’ve been fortunate to not experience many deaths in my life time, perhaps 2 or 3, and distant in years of happening. I cannot say that I have been affecting by any of them, negatively that is. Death is, indeed, inevitable. But that’s only in the physical. But as human beings, we tend to feel emotional about it. So I pray that God bestows strength and healing in your hearts 🙂

    • thank you moon for your kind prayers…the first few years i wasn’t quite myself, wasn’t so passionate about life and all…slowly i got back into it…afterwards there were many other deaths, my grandparents and relatives, everytime i returned to malaysia there’d be one less person to meet, such is life…

  4. Yes, and with age, that will come. My father often speaks about hearing of a new death every time he speaks with his mother or sister in Nicaragua. People are dropping like flies. Mostly from old age or illness. But such is life. We just have to remember to be grateful and appreciative of one another.