goodbye ramadan


 An Eidul-Fitr song from my beloved homeland which brings back many memories…

We’re in the last few days of Ramadan now, soon Muslims all across the world will be celebrating Eidul-Fitr (The festival of Fast-breaking). This is a joyous and auspicious affair for us; just as Christmas is for the Christians, Wesak for the Buddhists, Diwali for the Hindus, Chinese New Year for the Chinese and Vaisakhi for the Sikhs (these are the ones I’m familiar with having grown up in Malaysia). It will begin with a special prayer and charity giving, visiting the grave, followed by socializing, festive meals and very modest gift-giving, especially to children. As much as I’m looking forward to this celebration, it will be sad to leave Ramadan behind, for this fasting month has helped us practice self-discipline, self-restraint and generosity. It has also reminded us of the suffering of the poor, who may rarely get to eat well. It has truly been a wonderful time for spiritual reflection, prayer, doing good deeds and spending time with family and friends. It is indeed a very special month unlike any other time in the year.

mehndi hands!

These last few days of Ramadan is rather hectic for me; as we’re busy tidying up the house, baking cakes/cookies and getting new clothes ready for our celebration. This year my girls also have their hands decorated with mehndi. As always, I become rather nostalgic during this period, from missing my family and friends back in my homeland. This is also the time when childhood memories come flooding back, Eidul-Fitr as a child in Malaysia was certainly the best for me. I remember playing sparklers and fireworks every night in the final week of Ramadan! In England it’s definitely a far quieter affair in comparison, but still lovely in its own way. One of the major differences for me now is the main food we have on the big day; instead of ketupat/lemang and rendang with peanut sauce as customary in Malaysia (my mom’s recipe is the best!), I now cook lamb biryani, perhaps not as delicious as my mother in law’s, but my family absolutely loves it!

I’ll leave you now (got heaps to do!) with several Ramadan and Eid food images, hope you will like them! 🙂

I will miss this, my starter for breaking fast in Ramadan; dates, fruit salad and samosas.

fruits are great for breaking fast!

main meal, bread and vegetable soup, the simpler the better!

fruit jelly, one of our favourite Ramadan desserts

Malaysian ketupat, lemang and rendang I used to eat on Eid Day (courtesy of Google images)

lamb biryani I now cook on Eid Day in England! (courtesy of Google images)


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  1. At last Eid is here..!the day of happiness…will miss ramadan for sure though..!! and guess what.. our Eid Inshaallah is gonna be in nowhere other than kuala lumpur and Langkawi.. !!:):)starting to pack my bags now..!1 7 days trip for the holidays..!! 2 destinations Kuala lumpur and langkawi..!! i need your list of must does there..:):)

    • wow, I envy you! you must try all the eid dishes to begin with, especially the ones mentioned in this post. malaysia is a food heaven, make sure you try everything! you’ll get a taste of the city in kuala lumpur and the tropical beach in langkawi, you’ll enjoy both I’m sure. do cover all the major tourist spots in kl…don’t forget to visit little india and chinatown…in langkawi just swim and chill out! 🙂

      • yeaahh…i’m all for it..!! cant wait to eat chill and swim of course..!! will surely cover almost everything inshallah if everything goes according to plan..!1 will keep u posted for sure..:)

  2. Sambusa and the surbiyan in the picture is mouth watering……. Missing item is shurba. We will miss all this for another year.

    • thank you! haven’t had shurba for iftar before, will give it a go inshallah, thank you for suggesting! yes, we will miss it, not the same having them at any other time in the year!

  3. Salam Noor! Too busy lately and i miss leaving a comment here:) Today i see delicious food here:) Yup Noor goodbye ramadhan:( and welcome Syawal, may all of us be blessed by Allah Swt always.Would like to wish Selamat hari Raya Malaysian style to you..with hug hug and salam..may you and your family enjoy your raya in UK;);) Love and lots of warm hugs from us including a special hug2 from Tia and Mia for your girl.Love-Zuraidah.

  4. Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family 🙂 InshaAllah panjang umur kita berjumpa lagi dgn Ramadan, ameen. Your biryani looks so very delicious, kalau kita neighbour dah lama I bertandang ke rumah you pagi2 raya 😉


  5. These are sooo mouth watering! Well, I will definitely see how I can celebrate over here. My closest soul brother moved for hours away for Law School. The rest of my brothers I havent seen or spoken with in a while. they’ve been keeping to themselves and with family. So, I must say I feel a bit alone right now. I’m not really sure where to go. But I will definitely try the mehndi hands! or maybe a different body par 🙂 That should be fun! How long does it last?

    I will definitely look into this celebration some more to see how and with whom I will be spending it! Thank you 🙂
    I hope you and your family have a great time.

    • thanks moon, yes, i’m rather busy right now making last minute preparations for the celebration, kids especially are excited since they’ve been fasting as well. hope u can find somewhere to experience the joy of eid, try the local mosque perhaps or contact one of your muslim brothers? the mehndi lasts 2-3 weeks, depends how strong the henna is. do try it! 🙂

  6. Wow, MEHNDI. Is it popular in your culture? Who decorated your daughters? By themselves? Dishes look very delicious!

    • mehndi definitely very popular amongst the asians in england, especially those from india/pakistan/bangladesh. my daughters had theirs done by their teacher who lives round the corner. we will attend a wedding in september, this is another time we put mehndi on, will take some pictures to show you! 🙂