castle zoo


Looks like we’re at summer’s end now, and autumn is fast approaching; it’s getting windier during the day and cooler at early mornings and evenings. I noticed the fallen leaves on the ground in the park, and some trees are beginning to change their colour. Most of the plants in my garden are either wilting or overgrown, not a very nice sight at all. Our 6 weeks summer holidays are coming to an end too, next week my son’s back to school routine and I’ll hopefully resume some serious home education with my girls! Nevertheless, we managed to squeeze in a lovely family outing last week, where we visited a zoo located within the grounds of a ruined burnt down castle. Very interesting indeed for us, as we love both animals and English history. We’ve been to over a handful of zoos and castles in England but this is the first time we covered both at one go, it’s like killing two birds with one stone, really worth the trip!  Below are some of my children’s favourite animals up close, hope you’ll like them. Obviously I can’t upload all the animal pictures, there’s just too many! 🙂

spider monkey

majestic tiger

snow leopard

graceful giraffe

orang utan

red panda

Below are several images of the ruined castle. I just love it, so much history behind it all! Even after hundreds of years you still get a feel of the place, like being transported in time for a wee while. Quite fascinating to be honest! Apart from the ruins, there was also an interactive bit of the castle which related the history, and a castle tower we could climb up to where we got a good view of the surrounding regions. After exploring the entire castle we walked through the zoo section again where we saw a few other animals. Then we amazingly ended at a castle fairground with several traditional rides. The whole family went on the caterpillar rollercoaster, yelling and screaming our heads off, a lovely end to a most beautiful day!

the view as we entered the castle grounds

my son exploring the remains of the castle kitchen

my girls looking through one of the castle windows

our caterpillar ride

and end to a beautiful day!


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  1. lovely pics..!! and i must say i loved your east way too much that we already planned for the second trip..!!:):) inshallah hope to come to you west and feel the same:):) more updates coming up..!!

  2. Beautiful capture! I’ve never seen nor heard of a Red Panda! I’ve never been to a castle. I’ve been fairly close to one but that’s about it! Looks like your family had a great time! Love the photos!