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Our first Prime Minister declaring Independence back in 1957 (photo courtesy of Google images)

Today is the 55th year of Independence of my beloved homeland, Malaysia, from the British colonial rule. How ironic that I’m now living permanently here in England, somehow still under the once influential Empire!:) But such is life, you never know where you’re going to end up, you never know what destiny has in store for you. I’ve been asked to note a few lines on patriotism in conjunction with the National Day celebration in Malaysia today. Here’s what came straight to my mind:

Patriotism is the warm fuzzy feeling which I experience every time Malaysia and Malaysians are praised. Patriotism is how I cannot get Malaysia out of my heart and mind after living in glorious England for 16 years. Patriotism is my strong conviction that Malaysia remains the most beautiful country in the whole wide world, no matter where I go. I miss you Malaysia, my beloved homeland.

Need I say more? I miss being in my homeland, I miss the warmth of the people, the food heaven and the tropical sunshine. It is not the same returning every few years for holidays, living there would bring a different feel altogether. I would like to remember  31st August 2012, our Merdeka Day (Independence Day) with deep longing and gratitude. I pray the best always for my beloved country and my fellow citizens. Let me take this opportunity to reminisce a little. My best friend at primary school was a lovely girl of mixed parentage; her dad was Indian and her mother was Chinese. I have mentioned before that I come from a mixed marriage; my dad was of Indian Muslim extract and my mom a Javanese Malay. My childhood years were filled with inter-racial integration; I remember celebrating all major festivals with the different races. Chinese, Indian and Eurasian friends would visit us when we celebrated Eidul-Fitr and we would join them during Chinese New Year, Diwali or Christmas. We have our religious boundaries of course but as far as we could mingle we would do so with respect, tolerance and harmony. Below are a couple of video clips about Merdeka which brought tears to my eyes. It’s true what people say, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. I miss Malaysia all the more because I’m 6,500 miles away…would I feel the same way had I stayed on? I shall never know, for the rest of my life is now in England.

This final clip depicts the integration amongst the three main races in Malaysia: the Malays, Chinese and Indians, something which I myself experienced having been born and bred there for 28 years. I’d like to wish a Happy Merdeka Day to all Malaysians who read this post, by all means do share it with others too if you so wish. Last but not least, do bear in mind that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it’s always greener where you water it. Count your blessings!:)

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  1. so proud to have such a talented sister. so so proud. Happy Merdeka my darling sweetheart sis!

  2. Dear Noor,
    Your ability to express deep thoughts in plain simple language is amazing. I really admire your postings. Patriotism is explained in the most simplest yet well meaningful way. In a way we share one thing in common. We both live far away from our beautiful homelands not knowing when we will return there.

    • thank you. i sometimes envisage myself returning home in old age (should I live that long) and buried in the soil there, but as i mentioned in my post, we never know where we’ll end up…at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter, this world is only temporary, we’re only passing through…

  3. My dear friend,

    I read your entry this morning and I must say that it brought tears to my eyes. Both the advertisements directed by the late Yasmin Ahmad was really touching. I am sure you have seen many more of her advertisements over YouTube.

    Well, you wondered whether you would feel the same if you had stayed on in Malaysia. May be I can answer on your behalf – I share your feelings too, though as you know, I have been residing in this country for the past 43 years of my life. I think that feelings that you have will stay on for as long as you live, InsyaAllah; for InsyaAllah, that is the case for me.

    Okay my dear friend,
    Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke 55 although you are 6,500 miles away!

    My love and doa to you and your family. InsyaAllah we will be able to meet again one of these days.

    • thank you so much for your input my dear old friend! happy to know the feelings do stay on, i hope it’s true for the younger generation as well! i think it’s very important to maintain the multiracial ties; living alongside each other with respect & tolerance and to understand each other’s roles in the society. i sometimes feel out of touch from everything, so i make an effort to cherish a memorable day like today. hope we meet again too someday, inshallah! i can still remember Encik Ahmad teaching us Malay history at school, my favourite subject certainly!:)

      • Yes, I realise as we grow older we tend to cherish more of our past and we tend to get melancholy and emotional quite easily – at least, that is the case for me!

        keep posting, I truly enjoy reading all your postings!

        oh yes, have you watched Puteri Gunung Ledang starring Tiara Jacquelina and M. Nasir? If you haven’t, I recommend it. You will love everything about the movie, especially the dialogues, so old-Malay!

      • yeah…signs of old age!:) will try to watch pgl, have heard abt it. will be taking a short break now, busy with new school year which starts next week. will resume posting in oct inshallah!

  4. Belated Independence day to you and all beautiful malaysian people..:) i can feel what you will be feeling right now..!! the expates patriotism always stands out..!! and upon you indian relation..WHOA… thats a great news:):) no malaysia is such a mix of culture..!! any ways TC.. and will miss u till october..!!😦

  5. I was on holiday but I did not forget Merdeka day. I feel sad when you say the rest of your life is in England, surely there must be an option for you to retire or live in Malaysia one day? I can’t leave behind my homeland. I will surely go back for good one day.

    • would you? thats nice to know. that’s not the case for me, unless my hubby (born and bred here) decides he wants to retire in msia in our old age. i cannot imagine that happening somehow, he’s very settled and happy here, his entire family and relatives are in england. but you never know the future do you, all in Allah’s hands!

      • Yes all in Allah’s hands. Many British moved out of the country to live in Spain, Italy, South France etc. and many Brit muslims buy homes in Morocco as well. So there I have plant a seed to you that it is possible!