september returns


goldenrod behind my garden

“When the goldenrod is yellow,
And leaves are turning brown –
Reluctantly the summer goes
In a cloud of thistledown.

a tame grey squirrel at the park eating our chilly crisp

When squirrels are harvesting
And birds in flight appear –
By these autumn signs we know
September days are here.”
 Beverly Ashour, September

a lone rose in my garden  

“‘Tis the last rose of summer,
Left blooming alone
All her lovely companions
Are faded and gone.”
–  Thomas Moore, The Last Rose of Summer, 1830

9 responses

  1. Beautiful! It’s still summer over here… as a matter of fact, it’s almost always summer… except for spring too! Enjoy it 🙂

    • thanks moon! we’re at the transition stage now, from late summer to autumn, generally getting more autumnal (colder at early mornings and evenings), but it can get warm during the day too up to 20c. it’s what we call indian summer…might write about it soon.

      • sounds very nice. I long for seasonal changes around here. although i love the sun and great bright warm days, i also love those chilly afternoons with a nice breeze.

    • i know what you mean…i love the changing seasons though, makes one appreciate nature all the more. when i was living in malaysia i just took everything for granted, coz it’s just hot all year round (30c)!

      • Same with me because in South Africa (especially where I lived) winter meant shorts and fli flops. Big change in Korea- winter here means MINUS 20 & blizzards!