ice-cream van


All day and night I dream

of the delicious ice-cream

from the ice-cream van

As it whizzes along

I hear its song

 and I join the throng

to get my ice-cream

from the ice-cream van!

(a poem by my 10-year-old daughter)

I do believe that the most delicious ice-cream in England comes from the ice-cream van. It can be rather difficult to resist the temptation when it whizzes past, even for adults! My all time favourite is the 99 flake, as featured in the video clip below. An ice-cream van is always welcomed, regardless of the weather or the changing seasons. Truly pleasurable indeed!


8 responses

  1. cute poem! I was about t say, “see? that’s a start” until i read that it was from your daughter
    hehe :-p

    over here we call it ice-cream truck. i miss it, i dont eat ice-cream much. but you’re right, who can resist the ice-cream truck/van? I havent seen one in a really long time :-/

    • my daughter came up with that poem within a couple of minutes…i tried to compose one but failed! 🙂 you don’t eat ice-cream very much? no wonder you’re healthily slim and i’m the opposite…we have tubs sitting in our freezer compartments…regardless of the weather/season!

      • Kids are so very creative and it’s important we always empower their creativity.

        Ice-cream, I don’t eat it much because I never really crave it. But I usually have a huge appetite for such a petite person. I just don’t have a sweet tooth.

  2. Ok so funny story- when I was in primary school, my father told me that the ice cream truck only plays music when the truck has no more ice-cream left. He said the music lets people know that they shouldn’t bother coming outside at all! And that’s what I believed and how he saved himself the trouble of buying me ice-cream! Conversely, my grandparents used to spoil me so I was not completely deprived of the wonderful 99 flake! 😀 😀 -A

    • your dad was very wise! ice-cream vans can be addictive, my kids gazed longingly at them each day, 2 of them (one yellow and the other red) are parked outside my son’s school gates after school each day no matter what the weather/season is. i treat them ocassionally, esp on the rare hot summer days…99 flake is just delicious, don’t think can match any ice-cream eaten from tubs at home.

    • ice-cream here definitely more delicious than the ones in malaysia kan..chocolates and biscuits too… or is it because i’ve lived here for so long i’ve got used to it? 🙂