england 96-98


Today marks exactly 16 years since I first set foot in England. I remember landing at London-Heathrow on a lovely autumn’s day, all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. I’ve always wanted to visit England, having been inspired by my favourite childhood author, Enid Blyton. Therefore I was very excited indeed when presented with the opportunity to further my studies in Kent. I wanted to experience the England that I read from my childhood books; the beautiful green countryside, the endless tea picnics, dainty sandwiches, castles, camping and caravans! I spent my first week touring around London, in awe with everything, like a typical foreign student from the East who’s never been to the West! Below are some of the images I captured back then and still cherish to date. I simply cannot believe that 16 years have flown by, how time flies!

East meets West, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed

Big Ben

London Bridge

Buckingham Palace

Queen’s Guards

Marble Arch


As much as I enjoyed touring all over London, I was doubly thrilled when I arrived in Kent (in south-east England) a couple of weeks later, where I knuckled down to pursue my postgraduate studies for a year. I thought to myself how my dream finally came true, I was in the lovely English countryside! I visited my very first English castle there, as pictured below, and have since visited countless more (I love castles!). Kent is one of the most beautiful counties in England, I had a truly lovely stay there. However, I also felt quite alone, life as a postgraduate student can get rather lonely at times. Particularly when you’re 6,500 miles away from home! I also came to the point in my life where I didn’t enjoy being single anymore, I felt ready to settle down. I was looking forward to sharing the rest of my life with this most wonderful man who stole my heart.

Leeds Castle

beautiful Kent

famous white cliff of Dover, Kent taken from my ferry crossing for a day trip to Calais, France

I received my Masters degree in summer 1998, a year after becoming the devoted wife of my British born husband. I shall never forget this memorable phase in my life, 1996-1998, where all my dreams came true. Setting foot in England, getting married and attaining my Masters degree. Praise be to God for His many blessings! And here I am today in England; enjoying my tea picnics, dainty sandwiches, cups of tea, ruined castles and green rolling countryside whilst blogging them away! Mind you, when I can steal some time from running a household and my four children who keeps me busy that is! 🙂

happiness on my graduation day


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  1. There’ll be bluebirds over
    The white cliffs of Dover
    Just you wait and see

    I’ll never forget the people I met
    Braving those angry skies
    I remember well as the shadows fell
    The light of hope in their eyes

    16 years seems not so distant kan..
    i came back to Malaysia from Ireland 16 years ago

  2. Lovely photos. Time certainly has a way of flying by doesn’t it? I’m actually in the process of applying for my postgraduate studies too and am considering heading off to London myself! So I definitely appreciate being able to read about your experiences. 🙂

  3. I read this with a smile in my heart. May you have a blessed life with your husband and children. I am happy for you, dear friend!

  4. Awww… sucha beautiful pictures and memories which really are worth cherishing. 🙂 🙂 🙂 and I too was Enid Blyton ‘s craziest fan.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • thanx moon! yes, as the years go by england has truly become my home…in the beginning i felt more like a foreigner…i don’t think i will ever get malaysia out of my mind and heart, it will always remain my homeland…but i think i’ve made peace with myself finally…i’m happy and settled wherever i am…wherever my heart is.