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As much as I enjoy blogging and sharing away my thoughts, feelings and experiences, I am also quite keen to get to know my readers a little. Therefore I’ve set up 5 questions for you to answer, I hope you will take part! If you can’t answer all of them, don’t worry, answer away those you can. I shall reveal my answers to the same questions in my next post. Hope to hear from all of you! Thank you for your time and participation, looking forward to reading them. These are in no way trick questions, they are just for fun, to break the ice so to speak, so feel free to share and be as spontaneous as you can! 😉

  1. If money were no object, what kind of car would you drive/want to be driven in?
  2. What is the most expensive single item you’ve ever bought/bought for you?
  3. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen?
  4. Where in the world would you most like to visit next and why?
  5. What is one quality you admire most in another person?

21 responses

  1. Dear Noor,

    My answers as follows.

    1. I will not go for the most expensive car, just because money is not an object. Instead I would go for spacy, comfortable, robust vehicle where family can travel in comfort.

    2. Most expensive single item I have bought is a car for my wife. I have never bought any thing considered as expensive for my self.

    3. Strangest thing I have ever seeing, and continue to see, is human behavior, its diversity, mystery and uniqueness .

    4. I like to travel, but have no specific place in my mind. I will enjoy and try to find the uniqueness of each and every place and appreciate it.

    5. I admire sincere persons

    • thank you so much for your feedback. i agree with you about the strangeness of human behavior, there’s always so much to learn abt people and their lives and what makes them behave the way they do.

  2. 1: I am going to go with the BMW i8. Its beautiful and its a hybrid sports car.
    2: It was a car that cost around $5,ooo and I paid cash. Yes, once upon a time.
    3: My life, no joke.
    4: Zanzibar. Someone pointed out that everywhere looks good in a picture (moron). But, its gorgeous looking and there is just something about it that appeals to me. So, iA, one day I shall find my way to Zanzibar.
    5: I could go with honesty, empathy, and a whole handful of virtues to extol. I will go with reliability and here is why. When you are hurt and broken, when you have fallen, when the world kicks the door in and sucker punches you, guess what you are not looking for someone to simply tell you the truth or feign caring. You are looking for someone to be around, that hand in the dark, sometimes even if that hand has hurt you. Because having someone who is reliable will inevitably embody at least one or two other virtues as well.

    • thank you for your feedback. hope you will find your way to zanzibar one day! yes, realibility, if you find someone with this quality never let go of her/him, a treasure indeed.

  3. 1. A Jaguar – in racing car green
    2. Our current house, in cash and mortgage, and because it hadn’t been looked after very well by the previous owners it’s still costing a whole heap of money to repair/upgrade…..but the views of North Stradbroke Island are worth it 🙂
    3. My husband and my daughter (who was seven at the time) dressed up as clowns; wigs, face paint the lot, for the school fair in the village and stopped by at the village church on the way to say hello to some friends who were getting married that day……made for some interesting wedding photos!
    4. Peru – I really want to do the walking trail to Machu Pichu before I get too old and decrepit.
    5. Humility – because when you no longer think you are better than everyone else you can open the door to compassion and tolerance as well.

    • jaguar in racing green is lovely! your house with the great view sounds idyllic, i’m sure it’s worth every penny! thank you for your feedback, humility indeed a desirable trait to for one to have.

  4. Now these are some really interesting questions Rosa.I’ll answer all of them.

    Let the answering begin 🙂

    1 I would love to have a truck..Pakistani trucks with all their artwork are a treat to the eyes.
    (Only problem,I can’t drive:D so the truck will add to the decor)

    2.I spend a lot on ………pretty much everything.

    3.I am studying medicine so we see dead bodies and human bones almost everyday
    That might seem strange (to others)

    4.The South Pole.I would love to unravel its mysteries.

    5.That would be honesty.

    • very interesting answers, thank you for participating! you’ve got me curious abt the pakistani truck now, must ask my pakistani friends here who’s been back and forth to their homeland.

  5. Yay, someone else who’s doing blog games! Here are my answers:

    1. I’m not well versed in cars at all but I’d say maybe a Lexus hybrid?
    2. A pair of Chanel earrings for my mom a few Christmases ago. She definitely deserved it after so many years of lame cards and lame presents. 😀
    3. I’ve probably seen many strange things but one that I can think of off the top of my head was this guy juggling metal balls wearing a skintight jumpsuit in Venice Beach. It was very odd.
    4. It’s a very close tie between Italy, Greece, and Egypt. The history in each of those places is absolutely fascinating.
    5. Trustworthiness because it takes me a while to open up to others so when I find someone who I think is truly trustworthy, they are definitely keepers in my book.

    • thank you for your interesting answers, i got the idea for this blog game from you of course. it’s nice to be able to engage your readers sometimes…so sweet of you to buy an extra special prezie for your beloved mom.

  6. -If money were no object, what kind of car would you drive/want to be driven in?
    Maybe a mini suv of some sort. Black 😀

    -What is the most expensive single item you’ve ever bought/bought for you?
    Probably my computer.

    -What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen?
    A guy dancing in Britain’s got Talent.

    -Where in the world would you most like to visit next and why?
    Scottland, I have been there before, but I want to go back since I think it’s so pretty and people are friendly.

    -What is one quality you admire most in another person?
    That they’re nice 🙂

    • thank you for your feedback sis. scotland is in your heart now i see, i agree with you, its a lovely place and the people are friendly, i must visit again too someday inshallah!

  7. This is fun! 🙂
    1) BMW M3 in a beautiful blue.
    2) That’s hard. I don’t spend too much money on items often. But I would say in one day I purchased 400 to 500 US Dollars worth of facial products and supplies.
    3) Walking with a friend from the beach, we saw a rock “appear” out of nowhere a few steps from our feet. We instantly looked at each other and realized we both saw the same thing and began inspection the rock and forming our own theories of where it came from and how it got there..
    4) Since I want to visit so many different countries around the world, the next place I want to visit is Egypt for its history and culture and amazing pyramids.
    5) Tenderness toward any and every one.

  8. Fair enough. I think it’s time we readers tell you something about ourselves: 🙂

    1. If money were no object, what kind of car would you drive/want to be driven in?
    Car is not important for me, as long as it is practical to pick up loads of family members for an outing that will be good. Needless to say, I’m implying a good four-wheel or a van.

    2. What is the most expensive single item you’ve ever bought/bought for you?
    I can’t seem to recall as I have been frugal for years. I suppose the most expensive things I ever bought is a DLSR camera and I’m hoping to spend more on a new one (and lenses) if I can get a better model in the future!

    3. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen?
    I went to Tioman Island in1993 and part of the day trip was a boat trip to an island where it was crawling with these pre-historic looking Komodo dragons. I came as close as 3 feet away from them. I suppose another one would be my first trip to Morocco when I saw donkey pulling a cart full of vegetables in middle of the road in a big city of Casablanca. or the fact that insects and worms are food in Thailand or the half-developed embryo of a chick that serves as delicacy in Vietnam!!!

    4. Where in the world would you most like to visit next and why?
    Jerusalem. For obvious reason that it is the birth place of 3 major religions. I’m going there next year.

    5. What is one quality you admire most in another person?
    Intelligence. that way you won’t run out of interesting things to talk about.

    • thank you for your feedback, a pleasure to read. thats funny, i saw similar komodo-dragon creatures on Pangkor Island back in early 90s too…it was like a dream, very strange indeed, a bit scary too.

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