nostalgic air


My sister will be graduating this Saturday, she finally completed her PhD after several years of real hard work. I’m so pleased for her, I wish I could have been there to celebrate her joy. As always, moments like this make me nostalgic, so allow me to take a break from my autumn posts to remember my homeland. Allow me to be there in my heart and mind, to miss all my loved ones, to reminisce all that I treasure and cherish back home. I’ve included another song by Anuar Zain, as I noticed many views on the particular post about him a while back, so definitely time for another song of his! Not to mention both my sister and I are crazy about his songs and so do millions more Malaysian women I believe! To my dear ones and fellow Malaysians everywhere, enjoy this song! As my hubby said to me, you can take a Malaysian out of Malaysia but you can never take Malaysia out of a Malaysian! To my beloved sister, many congratulations, I love you heaps!

my siblings (PhD middle sis & youngest sis) on graduation day, happy times!

Redang Island in Trengganu, Malaysia (taken during my trip in 2005)


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  1. I can see why you would want to be there, the sand looks so soft and that water If I close my eyes I can try to imagine stepping into that cool blue so clear and bright. Congrats for your sister.

  2. i m here again! BIG CONGRATS to your sister! She deserves big hugs,kisses and all compliments in this world.Alhamdulillah! Ohh Redang so lovely ..that was my destination for our honeymoon,we stayed 3 days 2 nights at Berjaya Resort..the food was awesome at Berjaya, my favourite was Porridge with endless condiments! and at night i will sit down at the beach with my husband listening to the local band at the pub nearby singing ” starry, starry night..” those were the days..the beach was so white,the sands were like step into the water you ll see colourful fishes swimming and dancing.Sipping coconut drink under the Balinese style umbrella was heaven.Psst know what..i can feel that Redang is sending a warm breezy wind to you..hopefully you can go there again:) P.s Dont worry about not connecting with many bloggers from Malaysia,,they read but sometimes they just decide to be keep sharing your beautiful’s a sadaqah:);)

    • thank you zu! yes redang is magical, your honeymoon sounds lovely…pulau kapas is beautiful too, pangkor not too bad either…i will return again someday to these islands inshallah! and thank you for your encouragement, i will keep blogging inshallah… 🙂

  3. Congratulations! According to the survey of “Longstay Foundation” in Japan, Malaysia keeps the number one for the sixth year runnning as the country Japanese want to live in. Wow! I should visit there.

  4. Really? Wow, thats nice to know, than you for info. Yes, you must visit Malaysia when you get the chance, I don’t know of anyone who’s visited Malaysia and not had a good time. Btw, my hubby has been to Japan for work, he loved it!

  5. your sisters are beautiful. i am not able to hear the song as i am at work and have clients around. congratulations to your sister 🙂