november date


I honestly cannot recall the last time I went on a date with my hubby dearest, it’s been that long, yes! The children came along one after another two years into our marriage, so we never got the chance to be alone any more ever since. All our outings would involve them as well, and why not, we do enjoy going out together as a family. We do not have relatives close by that can take care of our children for a wee while, nor do we have the luxury of having a maid or a helper.

Anyway, to cut a story short, a dear friend of mine invited my children over for a few hours at the weekend to spend time with her own little ones. Her husband was away so she welcomed some company for her children. My children do socialize with others regularly, but this is the first time my youngest one (3.5 years old) got invited along. My hubby and I could not believe that we had a few hours to ourselves, we felt so excited! We both agreed to go for a walk, we chose a 1.5 mile track which took us about an hour to complete. We timed it well too as we finished just before dusk which falls around 5pm these days, the winter months are well and truly here! Below are several of the images I managed to capture from our walk:

the first lovely view as we began our walk

view over the other side of the bridge

boats by the river

off into the woods

further into the woods!

wait for me!

a view to behold

breathtaking indeed

a lily pond in the woodlands

at the bench by lily pond-muddy boots!

my date

off we go again after a short break

over the ramblers gate

over some steps

into the meadow

sunset by the river bank

We felt exceptionally good after the walk; stretched limbs, clear lungs, mind and head. And a very happy heart indeed! We had just enough time to nip into a café before heading home, and so we did. As strange as it was not to have the children with us this time around, I felt overjoyed to be able to spend quality time alone with my other half. I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I feel that it’s easy to lose sight of what used to be important in a relationship once the children come along. I then remembered how we were early on in our marriage, when our focus was mainly on each other. As much as we love our 4 children, it’s essential for us to recapture those special moments again, to relive those precious times together whenever we can. As I sipped my cup of tea enjoying the last few moments out alone with my beloved, this sweet song was playing and I couldn’t help but treasure these lyrics that meant a lot to me on this memorable November date:

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life, too
For i can’t help falling in love with you
For i can’t help falling in love with you

Enjoy the song! 😉


10 responses

  1. Hello there, friend!

    So glad you had the time alone with your dearest hubby. Believe me, those times are precious! But worry not, when your children are all grown up you will get to enjoy your time alone with your hubby again. Just let’s pray that God will bestow on us long and healthy life so that we may get to spend time with our spouse. Like I read somewhere, to grow old together with the person you love.
    As for me, my children are all grown up, in fact, two has left home (to further studies, leaving just my youngest with us at home), I am really enjoying my alone time with hubby. We try to do things as much as possible together even if it is just a short walk to the grocer’s!
    Anyway, I pray that both of you will have a long, healthy and blessed life together,

    • thank you so much for your doas…i look forward to the time you mentioned, seems a long way off yet for me, my youngest is only 3±! but they do grow up fast, it’s like only yesterday when she was born. treasure every moment right…time is precious, and loves ones are gems in our brief existence in this world.

  2. Great photos again,and I hope ther are many more dates to come 😀
    If only for the photos 😛
    And that elvis song is one of my favourites!

  3. Thanks nabadip! I hope so too. Any chance of you furthering your studies in england someday? If only to experience some of these photos you like! 😉 Elvis, what can we say, his voice lives on, this song is a gem.

  4. Salaam aleikom sis, I love the pictures, I’m glad you got some time to yourselves. 🙂

  5. Salam. kakak adalah salah seorang silent reader blog ini. Harap satu hari akan menjejaki kesini juga.Luv reading your blog and lovely photos.

    • waalaikumsalam kak hanim, thank you for following my blog and for dropping by! Inshallah ada rezeki panjang umur you’ll visit england one day, i will doakan for you. i enjoy reading your blog posts too…an insight into life in malaysia which i do not experience first hand since I turned 27.