walk quotes


In a world of constant change and flux where being in the moment seems increasingly harder to attain, there is also something about the notion of traveling along a pathway–under our own power–that reconnects us, and indeed binds together all humanity…Robert Searns

… the brisk exercise imparts elasticity to the muscles, fresh and healthy blood circulates through the brain, the mind works well, the eye is clear, the step is firm, and a day’s exertion always makes the evening’s repose thoroughly enjoyable.David Livingstone

Walking is the exercise that needs no gym. It is the prescription without medicine, the weight control without diet, the cosmetic that is sold in no drugstore. It is the tranquilizer without a pill, the therapy without a psychoanalyst, the fountain of youth that is no legend. A walk is the vacation that does not cost a cent. – Aaron Sussman & Ruth Goode

a walk in the woods, read more in my ‘november date’ post



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    • my pleasure, you’re much welcome! you’re right, i’m beginning to discover the immense benefits of walks through nature’s trails, the pictures alone don’t do justice to the whole wonderful experience…

  1. Wow, it’s so pretty subhaanAllah, even the branches are green. I like the quotes too 🙂

  2. That was a good quote indeed 🙂 Earlier people had to walk, now people go for a walk …health wise, this change made a huge difference, isn’t it?