victorian christmas


The weather is really bad in my little corner of the world at the moment; gusty winds, lashings of rain (yes, the river has burst its banks) and bitterly cold! More such weather forecasted for the next few days as well! We were very fortunate however to have a brief break from this weather front on Friday, from morning till late noon to be exact. Just enough time for my girls and I to nip out and soak in the Victorian Christmas Market which is on for a few days till the weekend. I love such historical events, I try not to miss it. I must admit I am a bit of a history freak! I just love the buzzing atmosphere and the feeling of being in the past.

Below are some of the images I’ve captured, mind you, I’m no professional photographer like many of you out there, just a simple blogger who enjoys taking pictures to share with all! I hope you will like them, Christmas spirits definitely here despite the gloomy weather! Most of the vendors were dressed like in the Victorian era, some of them looked quite real! I do not celebrate Christmas (Eid is our main Muslim festival) but I cannot help but feel the excitement of this festive season. Everyone’s jolly and happy, they do not let the awful weather dampen their mood. Well, looks like I am going to be chilling at home this weekend, with more bad weather in store, time for sitting by the fire-place! I’ve included my all time favourite Christmas song at the bottom of this post, do enjoy it and have a smashing weekend! 🙂

Watch out for more Victorian characters in my upcoming post, hoping to visit this market again at the weekend! 😉

beef burger stall

traditional hot chestnuts

Xmas decorations

colourful macaroons

farm goodies

my girls’ favourite stall!

lovely trinkets


Victorian gentlemen

sweet treats


awesome honey

stuff made from recycled tin

Victorian musician

slate deco



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  1. Boy this is an early post. But I have been crafting my Christmas blog post on the side and having fun. It’ll be published on Dec. 2. You must find Christmas a happy festival of sorts?

    • Hi there, thanks for popping by! I don’t really have a special post for Xmas, this Victorian Xmas market was rather interesting so I thought I’d share it! Yes, Xmas is a big thing in the West, just like Eid is back in my homeland, I love festive atmosphere!

    • yes, i love it too! i went for another browse around today (sunday), this time with hubby and our lil ones. the atmosphere was simply awesome, i can’t wait for it to return next year! 🙂

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