farewell autumn


A September to remember.
An October full of splendor.
A November to treasure.

Allow me to post one last entry on autumn before I move on to my winter ramblings. A belated one; our autumn walk as a family on Remembrance Sunday, 11th November, 2012. I shall not write very much, the pictures have their own story to tell. I hope you’ll enjoy our memorable experience! I bid farewell to the glorious autumn months, my favourite season of the year. I’m certain you’ll agree with me here as I’ve posted most in this time span, do read them all. I shall cherish my sweet memories of autumn during the cold wintry days, the first frost already here. My autumn memories shall keep me warm. 🙂

our walk began

Remembrance Sunday, those who died in the war are never forgotten…

admiring a cottage we found

let’s go that way!

we pass by some black cows in the meadow

crossed over a bridge


by the brook

happily ambling along

we ended between the corn field and the river

a beautiful sight awaited us

my favourite picture

more cows on the trail back, fortunately behind the fence this time!

muddy shoes home, but it was well worth it!


16 responses

  1. Everything about this post is so lovely: the day, the sentiment, the family togetherness. Your pictures really captured something special! I’m sure you’ll all look back on this day with fondness. 🙂

    • thank you! yes, it was a truly special day for us…beautiful! i have so many pictures from this walk, had problems selecting the best ones to share. do have another browse for i always have the tendency to add a few more after hitting the publish button! 🙂

  2. Thanks Rosa for sharing your walk on your blog…. the pictures are so soothingly beautiful! All the best for the cold months… I hope you have many more fond memories to keep you warm through the winters!!

  3. I love your walking pictures! Which city do you live Noor? It seems like out in the country in a far far away land!

  4. subhanallaaah… cantik nya… tqs for sharing the photos… never experienced autumn until we moved to seoul for a year.. patut la hubby selalu cerita autumn cantik…

  5. Salam Rosa. Sangat bertuah dapat menikmati suasana 4 musim. Gambar menceritakan segalanya. Pengalaman yang sangat berharga untuk anak2 yang sedang membesar.

    • waalaikumsalam, terima kasih singgah sebentar by my simple blog! Betul kata kak hanim…experience such as this is what children and adults both benefit most from; physically, mentally and spiritually…Alhamdulillah!