winter colours


I love this style (from Google)


bright chunky bracelet, love it! (from Google)


This is a cool one piece winter warmer! (from Google)

 The color of springtime is in the flowers, the color of winter is in the imagination. 

Winter is officially here in my little corner of the world; I am currently going around in my fleece socks, boots, cardigan, gloves, chunky winter scarf and winter coat on top of my usual clothes and head scarf. I remember when my beloved mom visited me in summer (seemed ages ago) and she had to put on my cardigan as it got a bit chilly (due to the endless summer rain), she did not like it one bit! Being an Easterner who hails from a 30c all year round tropical weather, bundling up in layers certainly takes a bit of getting used to. I don’t blame my poor mom at all. I have been in England for 16 years and I dare say I have just about grasped the correct sense of winter dressing to suit my identity! I actually love all these extra layers though, especially the lovely colourful cardigans and scarves. I used to wear bright colours a lot when I was in the East, it was not something I thought about, everyone around me all wore vibrant colours practically all the time. Therefore I was quite surprised when I first came here to find most people wearing shades of black, brown and grey instead. I don’t recollect having many clothing items in such dull prints!

Nonetheless, I blended in after many years of living in England, I am now quite fond of plain and pastel shades. Whenever my family or close friends want to buy me some clothes or head scarves from my homeland, I will remind them to get them in really soft colours. Having said that, I’m glad to see the bold and beautiful I used to love make a come back in the recent market, I might not get a bright red winter coat but I wouldn’t mind a fuchsia pink cardigan or a multicoloured knitted scarf to wrap myself in. And chunky bright bracelets to complement it all, yes, I am also very fond of them! The weather may be dull, grey and freezing cold out there for the next few months, but I am cheered by my colourful winter wear. There are many ways to lighten the spirit and mood during these short cold wintry days (the nights seemed endless), adding splashes of colour certainly helps! Anyway, I have included a few related articles at the end for those interested. Mind you, I’m no fashionista, just a regular 40+ woman brightening up her current colourless world, until the dawn of spring. In the meantime, I’m wrapping up well and staying warm. Brr…it is absolutely freezing out there, my fridge seemed a lot milder!!!

my garden

my garden this morning!

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7 responses

  1. sis.. i’m sure u’d look gorgeous kalau pakai apa2 pon (+ colorless @ colorful)…!! mine, more than 50% dalam closet tu kan, hitaaaammmm saja.. hehe.. dunno why laa.. my sister panggil i pompuan hitam..!!

    • no lah mulan…dah 40an…biasa2 aje lah…masa 20-30an dulu lainlah… 🙂 actually I have quite a lot of black items myself, mainly jubah, kat sini convenient to wear jubah…sarung je bila nak keluar, regardless of what you wear at home. how come you banyak pakai black jugak, kat malaysia kan warna warni and ceria?

  2. Its minus 12 here in Korea! I defintely feel that wearing a bright warm colour helps to keep me warm… I know its all in my head though 😀

    • wow! it’s never been that cold (double figures) in england for the past 16 years i’ve been here, that sounds harsh! do wrap up warm with bright colours, doesn’t matter if it’s just in your mind!