stilton puffs


Let’s face it, the weather is totally crap in England at the moment. Actually that’s not quite true (the brief snow fall we had last week was exciting), let me rephrase that. The weather doesn’t permit us to pursue our outdoor activities as much as we did in autumn, summer and spring. Therefore, a bit depressing really. But we should look at it positively. This is the time when we can chill out at home and carry out home-based pursuits. Time to catch up on our reading, watch our favourite movies whilst eating pop corn by the fire-place, play those stack of board games, do some DIY (in my hubby’s case) and try out some new recipes! At the moment my family and I are really into Nigel Slater, one of the best BBC TV cooks to date. The thing that sets him apart from the rest is that he is also a writer, so you can see why I’m drawn to him like a magnet to a fridge door.

When I first discovered him (based on appearance alone), I actually thought to myself, oh my, how boring this guy looks like, how interesting can his cooking be? But once I watched his show I couldn’t stop, now I catch him every week without fail. My family enjoys his cook shows too. We’ve now got one on his books (as pictured below), unlike any cook book I’ve ever seen (more like a food/season journal), a must have on our book shelf. I quote from his December 17th entry, “By teatime, the narrow lane outside the house is a sheet of ice. Not grey, as most ice seems to be in the city, but crisp, pearlescent white, as slippery as wet glass. This matters, because most of us walk back from the shops along the road rather than do battle with the uneven stone flags of the pavement. Amazed that I make it without landing on my back, I arrive home with a duck, some prunes and some tight-skinned little citrus fruits.” I just love his narrative style of writing, as mentioned earlier, quite unlike any other! He also talks the way he writes in his shows, brilliant!

my Nigel Slater book

As a result of this current fascination of ours, we are now trying out his recipes too, like the one I’m sharing in this post. My 13-year-old son (my eldest) helped out a lot here, he just loves Nigel Slater’s style of cooking. We made this Stilton Puffs for our tea time at the weekend, smashing, albeit a touch salty, that’s Blue Stilton for you. My son wants to experiment with Wensleydale cheese next time, one of his favourites. He reckons it will be a better choice. Like Nigel Slater, adapt and experiment as you go along! I’ve added a Nigel Slater episode at the end of this post, I hope you will  enjoy it. My approach to cooking and eating is to be adventurous always, trust me, life is more exciting that way. Experiment with food and ingredients from both the East and the West, let the fusion astound you! I wish everyone happy cooking, especially during this long festive holiday period. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers, followers and fellow bloggers who will celebrate Christmas a most wonderful time with your loved ones. And do take good care of yourselves!

blue stilton from the market

my son at work

stilton parcels

perfect for tea time!


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  1. Hmmm.. I have a question. What kinds of sweets (that can be made home-made a) are Muslims accustomed to eating. I’m sure that this may differ from region to region, but typically, what would you say? I’m sure there has to be dates somewhere in the mix, no?

    My brothers don’t celebrate Christmas and all, but it’s still a time when families and friends gather and enjoy the nature of one another’s companies and energies. I want to bake some goodies for my soul brothers who have taken care of me this year and I’m not sure what to make. I don’t want to ask them because I want it to be surprise.

    What suggestions do you have?

  2. woohhooo… drooling here…!!! we were in seoul for 11 months.. tak pernah rasa winter.. sangatlah excited masa mula2 engok salji.. but winter in korea memang sangat lama & sejok.. at times nangis rasa nak balik malaya.. tapi kesian hubby sorang2 nanti.. sebab baru dapat baby after nearly 5 years kawin..

    • thank you mulan for popping by…i always feel happy when fellow malaysians visit my blog! winter in england is rather mild compared to korea, the snow doesn’t last for ages either, certainly not where i am. but the short days (sunset abt 4pm, sunrise after 8am) can be depressing, when you wake up it’s still dark by the time you have tea it’s dark again! the wind howling, the fog and mist, the lashings of cold rain all adds to the gloominess. but Alhamdulillah, this is the time to sit by the fireplace and enjoy indoor activities, including sampling new foods! 🙂