your women



So cruel, insane, inhumane, ruthless,

What possessed you to behave as such?

Blame it on modern technology, media or society,

Or the way you have been raised?

Something’s gone horribly wrong somewhere,

You have become heartless, sick and evil!

Wake up all sane men!

You are not man enough,

Until you cherish, respect, honour and protect,

Your wife, daughter, sister and mother,

All the women around you!

We need you to love us and guide us,

Tenderly, gently, whole-heartedly,

Do listen to our hearts,

Be the true men whom we love!

(my tribute in memory of the 23-year-old Delhi woman who died in the hands of men worse than beasts)

All photos above courtesy of Google Images


12 responses

    • thanks dear…i could not stop thinking about her…brings back memories of my own happy carefree days at that age…it’s unthinkable to have something like that befall you…it just makes me feel very angry and sad at the same time.

  1. “You are not man enough” –> I love this line and it speaks volumes about those awful, awful people.

    A beautiful, heartfelt poem. So glad you shared this with us!

    • thanks lillian! i just had this strong urge to lash out…i was boiling inside, no woman deserves to be treated as such, no sane man would behave so cruelly. a girl of 23 has so many wonderful dreams…i know…i remember how i was back then…

  2. Aslmkm Hibiscus rosa noor..
    Me too, is really touched by what happened to the poor girl.

    Have a good year 2013 to you rosa noor..

    • thank you so much…yes, it’s a very tragic case, i had to vent out, i couldn’t go around and not feel anything….you have a wonderful year ahead too!

  3. I know, it’s awful…but hopefully something good will come out of it now, really admire the way your nation stood up together to protest…don’t think that would happen in my homeland somehow, and believe me we’re not short of gory crimes.