happy bunny


This post is about our pet rabbit, Coco Nuit. We brought Coco home from our local farm when he was about 2 months old. My eldest two (13 and 10 now) had wanted him so badly, they fell in love with him when they were helping out at the farm during the half term break. Since I want to reinforce simple living into my family life this year (we’ve always lived simply by the way), I thought it would be great to start with an update on Coco. He’s coming up to a year old now, a slightly bigger bunny who’s quite mischievous and active. Why yesterday he even managed to escape from his run as pictured below. He’s been gnawing at the fence and eventually made a cut through it. We thought the gap was too small for him but he managed to squeeze through somehow, amazing! Caring for a pet rabbit has certainly taught my children a few things; they have to see to his basic needs i.e. food, drink, a clean hutch, regular fur brushing and gentle strokes and cuddle.

They also have to check he’s not covered with fleas especially in the summer months. A trip to the farm to have his nails trimmed is also a must when they get too long! I must admit there are times when my children gets a bit lazy in carrying out their duties (especially during cold winter), I have to remind them how they are responsible for his life and general well-being, he’s not a toy that can just be ignored. I admire my children for having the patience to care for him, and the genuine love they display endears them to me all the more. I strongly believe that when we are in touch with nature and its surroundings, when we care for the animals and the environment around us, we’re more aware of the true value of living. Simple pleasures such as these remain with us forever, they form our personalities and strengthen our characters.

In today’s complex world, people often think material gain is what brings us happiness; the biggest house in the area, the trendiest car, the designer items, the latest gadgets, the list goes on and on. Until the next season of course when something new comes up, or worse still, when the neighbour’s spotted with the most updated version of the current craze! Quite frankly I’m rather tired of watching the world around me trying to keep up with the Joneses, something my family and I shun away from. Both my husband and I are very simple people, and as we grow older (into mid-40s now, quite mature!) we realised how temporary this life is and how unhappy people become when they chase the material world alone. One will always crave for more, it never ends. And then they wonder why deep down they’re never content even though they have everything they could possibly want around them! It’s better to seek simple pleasures in life; they bring you more lasting peace, joy and happiness. Coco has certainly brought us that for the year he’s been with us, we pray he will stay with us for many more years to come, if he doesn’t escape again! Time for hubby to work on a rabbit proof fence!

Coco Nuit

cleaning Coco’s hutch

he needs tender loving care too

he’s almost a year old now

a happy bunny!


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  1. How simple and touching! You are teaching your children the greatest lessons of Life.. The quest for the best never ends, but it keeps on adding to our frustrations so I often declare “Simplicity is the best policy!” And our true religion also lays great stress on a simple mode of living!
    May Allah guide you always and shower you and your family with His blessings! Ameen

    • thank you for your lovely comment, it’s nice to discover others who share the same views on life. sometimes it just gets too much, this conspicuous consumption and materialism which goes on everywhere, i just switch off and focus on nature and loved ones.

  2. Coco is SOOOO cute! I love the pic of your kids in front of his hutch….from their body language you can see how happy they are to see their pet.
    Really good post..I agree with you, simple is the way to go!

    • thank you! glad you feel the same way about simplicity in life…it is a choice that everyone can make if they wish to, but our desires always get in the way!

    • Hi there, thanks for dropping by…yeah, having a pet is certainly good for the children, trains them to care for another living creature, to treat him with compassion, patience and kindness. Animals don’t have the intellect to know any difference, good behaviour doesn’t apply to them, therefore they are helpless and trusting as you said, especially domesticated ones. We humans however have the capacity to be the best, to know the difference between right and wrong, to be strong, with God’s guidance along the way. We all have our moments of weakness from time to time (we’re not perfect like angels), but we should never give up, we must always strive to do our best in this life.

  3. we had 2 hamsters few years ago.. tak tahan tengok duduk dalam cage je.. rasa sedih & gave them to a friend.. comelnya coco…!!

    • They are domesticated animals though (hamsters and rabbits both), so they wouldn’t quite mind being in a cage. But I know what you mean…it’s worse at the farm though, a few rabbits share one hutch…I believe Coco is much happier with us. Thanks for popping by!

  4. Salam! So long didn’t leave my comment here but never fail to singgah walaupun terlambat.Your post made me miss the two Bunnies we had last time. Masa my mom sakit nobody jaga one escaped,one sakit..we had to let go and Tia Mia cried..so sad 😦 Bunny so cute and adorable kan..i love their long ears and shining eyes 🙂 Take care and do consider about flying back for asampedas and ulam2 🙂

    • waalaikumsalam, thanks for popping by! memang bunnies are very cute, that’s why i couldn’t say no to my kids when they wanted Coco. hopefully he remains with us for a while, a bit worried as temperature’s dropping again…his hutch is out in the garden, well insulated though. will return someday for adam pedas and ulam2an, tak tahu bila…inshallah panjang umur murah rezeki will be there… 🙂