sisters forever

sisters forever

sisters forever

My middle sister is visiting me at the moment, the first and last time she came to England was when I got married 15 years ago. She is 4 years my junior, we grew up together and were very close. Our youngest sister came along much later, when I was about 11 years old. I then went on to a boarding school a couple of years later and since then my sisters and I only met during the holidays. My middle sister attended another boarding school afterwards and we grew further apart when we both went to university. Though we led different lifestyles our sisterly bond never faded, it was always there.

I remember my late dad saying blood is thicker than water, so very true. My middle sister was the one who found my foreign husband for me, at the time when I was feeling rather low in life and wanted a change of scene abroad. I then got married (my family attended my wedding in London) and left my homeland, I was blissfully happy. I went back every few years to meet my family, I tried my best to maintain good relationships with them despite the geographical distance which separated us. When our beloved dad passed away several years after my marriage, we were all devastated, my middle sister especially. She was very close to our dad. She then threw herself into her work and studies for many many years. Alhamdulillah, she finally completed her PhD recently, I am extremely proud of her. She’s very relieved, almost as if she’s able to breathe again, and took the opportunity to have a long break by visiting me here. Now she hopes to jump onto the plane annually to be with me and family!

As I grow older I realize how important family relationships are in our lives. Friends may come and go (except a few life long ones of course, I’m fortunate to have them) but siblings are forever. I love both my sisters so very much, they are very precious to me. I truly appreciate their efforts in flying back and forth the 6,500 miles between us just to be with me, and for looking after our beloved mom. This blog entry is dedicated to my middle sister, thank you for coming, for being here now, for sharing my life. I will never forget our little chats, cooking and eating together, precious moments that bind us together. Sisters are forever! I leave you with 2 memorable clip/song from the movies my sister and I have watched together recently; ‘Romance On the Orient Express’ was our firm favourite when we were younger, ‘Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2’ is my sister’s new favourite which she shared with me, I loved it. We still have similar tastes in movies!


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  1. This is really sweet, thank you for sharing sis 🙂 I’m very sorry you lost your dad.

    • My pleasure Imaanii, glad you liked it. My late dad passed away in Dec 2001, he remains in our hearts and thoughts forever, thank you for your thoughtful wish.

  2. Straight from the heart…reminded me of my twin sisters who are just a year older than me..plz if you can spare the time read my blogs The Twins and I and Friends Forever! .. you will enjoy them more while yr sister is still with you! Thanks for writing this post

  3. Salam singgah…
    True what u said…blood is thicker than water….
    being the youngest I’m so attached with all of my three sister….can’t llive without them!