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My beloved husband has just returned from his three-week stay in Gujarat, India. It was his first time to the land of his ancestors, a journey which has left a great impact upon him. It was certainly memorable, as he had the opportunity to visit many relatives whom he had not met before. He was truly taken by the resilience of the Indian people he encountered, they all worked very hard to earn their daily living. They were also very warm and hospitable, despite the harsh conditions many of them were exposed to. He stayed both in the city and in the village, and had quite a good insight into their lives.

Whilst out there, he promised to take many pictures for me to share on my blog, he ended with hundreds of shots! I have chosen those that really moved me to begin with, perhaps you will feel a tug in your heart too. I asked my husband what was the best part of his unforgettable life time journey, he answered almost immediately that it was the people. They shall certainly remain in his mind and heart for many years to come. I am glad he had this chance to trace his roots, for each and every life experience makes one more appreciative of others, and be grateful to God for each and every blessing that comes our way.


a village helper preparing some vegetables to cook


a flower seller


the village lady who delivers fresh buffalo milk


a nut seller in the city


a woman labourer


street vendor selling strawberries


a woman selling a potato dish cooked in clay pot


a tailor sewing away

a vegetable seller

a vegetable seller

a cobbler earning his living

a cobbler earning his living


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  1. The pictures are amazing! I can only imagine the incredible impact those 3 weeks had on your husband.
    The first day i spent on, I uncovered a picture of the boat via whuch my italian immigrant grandparents came to Boston, and an early 20th century photo of the dusty little village they’d left behind. Those images and the enormity of that
    moment in their then young lives made me shut my laptop and cry. (No lie)
    Seeing the country from which his family came will undoubtedly affect every day of his life henceforth.
    What a remarkable event!! Thank you for sharing it with us all!

    • it’s my pleasure to share, glad you liked it. the trip has certainly moved him in more ways than one, unlike any other places he’s visited. i hope to go the next time around, all being well!

    • India is a land of contrast; between the present and the past, the poor and the rich, Hindus and Muslims…very much apparent in the state of Gujarat which my hubby visited, the land of his forefathers. Yes, the strawberries do look extra large and yummy!

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  4. looking at your husbands pictures – there are only 2 things I do not have here down South: Nutsellers and those strawberries!!! Hibiscus, my friend, showing those is torture, lol, lol. I am sure I will dream about them (with lashes of whipped cream, of course) tonight.

    • yeah, those strawberries do look really huge in the picture! i’m surprised you can’t find any nutsellers where you are…i somehow expect them to be everywhere in India, we find them all over Malaysia too, my homeland.