mumbai city


My other half spent some time in the city of Mumbai, India, during his recent three week visit to the land of his ancestors. Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) is a lively buzzing city heading towards major development. In some ways many of the photos I have selected to share below reminds me of my own homeland, Malaysia. I suppose once an Easterner always an Easterner, regardless of which corner of the East you hail from. I can identify with many things found in the pictures, they all seem rather familiar to me. My hubby however found it all as an eye opener, having born and bred in England all his life.

Although he has visited Malaysia several times, his trip to India has exposed him to a whole lot more of the Eastern way of life, for India is a such a vast country of many contrasts. In one place itself you can observe the contrast between the poor and the rich, the developed and the underdeveloped, the Hindus and Muslims, existing harmoniously next to each other. This was certainly very much apparent in the state of Gujarat which my hubby mainly visited. He found it difficult somehow to have a good time knowing there are people around him who were living very simply. He admired their strength, dignity and spirit all the more as a result of this. I shall end here for now, do read my previous post memorable india, if you haven’t already, and do watch out for my next post for more updates on my hubby’s recent unforgettable trip.


street market stalls


fresh vegetables, far better than supermarket ones!


a leafy street in Mumbai


more apartments coming up

the slum area, with their satellite dishes!

the slum area, with their satellite dishes!


busy part of the city

another buzzing corner of the city

another buzzing corner of the city


at the train station

special train carriages

special train carriages


a mosque in Mumbai


Muslim men taking ablution (wash) before prayers in the mosque

hubby with his dad and grand uncle

hubby with his dad and grand uncle



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  1. Hibiscus – it surely must have been a huge eyeopener for your husband – the same is happening here in Cochin, the building boom still has not stopped. Only we have greenery and the beautiful backwaters and, thank goodness, a much calmer way of life than the people in Bombay.

    • Hi there Carina, thanks for popping by! Yes, it certainly was an eye opener for my hubby, he is still recovering from it all! My paternal grandparents hailed from Kerala, I can still recall how my late grandma spoke fondly of her homeland.

  2. Hi there…got ur blog thru my sis Iha.
    Looking at the picture of the slum area reminds me of the blockbuster movie Slumdog Millionaire.

    It was a delightful n touching movie….life in India….

    • Salam, thank you for visiting my blog! Yes, Slumdog Millionaire was one great movie, I loved it. It was based on life in Mumbai, where all the photos above were taken.

  3. Those vegetables remind me of the street markets here in Taiwan, where people sell vegetables as well. As you said, they’re usually better (and cheaper!) than the ones in the supermarket. I’m really enjoying your photos! Gives us all a glimpse into a place many of us have yet to visit 🙂

    • Thank you for popping by Lillian! I miss those fresh vegetables sold in the wet market and on the streets in my homeland, I think they really signify the Eastern lifestyle! Glad you liked the pictures!

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  5. i love the fresh veggies and fruits vendors. fresh food everyday!
    What an amazing journey your husband must have had.

    What a huge difference between the buildings in the city and then the slums. funny how you pointed out the satellite dishes. Loved the pictures!!

  6. oh, i just wrote a long comment and it got deleted 😦

    Loved the pictures! Especially the ones with the fruits and veggies vendors. I would so love to have that here. What a wonderful trip your husband must have had! 🙂

    • hello moon, good to hear from you again! yes, it was a real eye opener for him, having been born and bred in the West throughout his life. he finally got to see where his forefathers came from, what they sacrificed and left behind, in the hope of a better future for their descendants. it was a mixture of sadness and gratefulness…a trip unlike any other.