spring delight


You know those special people, the ones that touch your life in remarkable ways. They come into your life and leave footprints in your heart, only the way that a true friend can. That special friend, who seems not a separate person however dear and beloved, but an expansion, an interpretation of one’s self.  It’s one of life’s greatest blessing, a true friend.

one of my oldest and dearest friend, my spring delight!

my beloved old friend amidst the blooming daffodils, my spring delight!

Just as I was getting excited by the signs of spring as reblogged in my previous post, another spring delight appeared! This was in the form of one of my oldest and dearest friends, we go way back since our teenage years at boarding school. We are talking about three decades of friendship here, you could say a life time one. She was on a short work trip in London, but managed to hop on the train to spend the weekend with me. The last time she was in England was during her undergraduate years, she studied at one of the universities here. I met up with her every time I returned to my homeland, along with a few other close friends.

Even though time and distance have separated us all, we still connect like we did in the past each time we see each other. With this bunch of friends I feel most relaxed and at ease, we can tease or advise each other without getting offended. Nor do we judge or envy each other beyond reason, we accept each other’s positive points as well as the flaws. We’ve also been there for each other through many ups and downs over the three decades of our friendship. As one grows older I believe one tends to have lesser friends. I am not talking social media friends here of which you can collect hundreds. I’m talking about true friends; who knows you inside out, who’s there for you through good and bad. The one you can call at anytime to moan or cry or laugh with in private.

I am so grateful for these few treasured old friends I have, I pray our friendship lasts forever. As for this beloved friend of mine in the above picture, she’s always been extra special. Maybe because she’s the tiniest out of us all (she still is!), I’ve always felt the need to protect her from the first time I met her. But in reality, she’s the stronger one, who’s always been there for me, the first one I would call when I need a friend other than my husband. I think a woman always needs a close female friend, just as she needs that comfortable pair of shoes or handbag!

Thank you for coming my dearest friend, for sharing those precious hours with me and my family. And for being so sweet and thoughtful of whether my hubby minded her taking my time away from him and the children whilst I accompanied her shopping. You are certainly one of my life’s greatest blessings! This song below is especially dedicated to you and the rest, thank you for the three decades of meaningful friendship, love you all forever! 😉


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    • thank you! have read your short story but couldn’t comment via my blog? it was very moving as usual, it stirred my emotions as most of your writing did. keep on writing!

  1. As I just wrote something related to friendship, we’re clearing on the same blogging wavelength this week. 🙂 True friends are indeed hard to come by and harder as we grow up. A beautiful post and a beautiful song!

    • hi there lillian, thank you! yes we are touching upon similar topic aren’t we, i truly enjoyed reading your latest post…but haven’t had a chance to comment. i believe we should let our friends be, we can advise them accordingly but at the the end of the day we have to respect their decisions in life, even though we may not like it or believe it’s not right for them. We are all individuals, what may not suit us personally may suit them very well…same with lifestyles and relationships. just be there for them thru good and bad, the way they are there for you. this is coming from me after 3 decades of solid friendship with a bunch of lovely women i’ve known since 13!