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Now that spring is kind of here, we are back to being active. As a home educator (yes, I teach my own children at home at primary level), I try to get my children involved in as many activities as possible, apart from focusing on the core subjects at home. We are very fortunate as we have quite a large number of home educators in our region. The most recent activity we attended was a Victorian session at one of the local museums. The children were exposed to the Victorian way of life and education. They got to dress up and experienced a real Victorian classroom scenario as well.

I have always been fascinated by the Victorian era, times were hard back then and life was harsh for the majority of the people, including the children. If you read Dickens you will know what I mean. To experience it first hand is a wonderful exposure for the children of course, I try not to miss opportunities such as this. Below are several pictures captured during the session, a journey well back in time. We’ll be busy with more educational and recreational outdoor activities once the weather perks up a bit more. Right now it certainly looks like spring is trying to push its way further but winter is reluctant to leave somehow! It’s no wonder we’re down with coughs and colds and other bugs at the moment, praying for some real spring sunshine by my next post!

listening intently

listening intently at hands on session

my Victorian girls

my Victorian girls

engaging the children

engaging the children


inspection before entering Victorian classroom


teacher was thorough and strict, like a true Victorian!


class entrance


a scene in the classroom at the end of session

return our Victorian outfits

return our Victorian outfits

a well deserved break at the  end!

back to the present, a well deserved break!


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  1. This was very interesting, I wish we had something like that here too 🙂 It looks like you had a very nice day.

  2. Comelll sangat… sungguh mengimbaskan kenangan dengan ‘little house on Prairie’
    – kak haneem-

  3. Hi..
    Kids activities should be exposed not only about the present but the past too. They sure look cute in that costumes.