wordless wednesday


I’ve just discovered that many bloggers publish a single photo without any description on Wednesdays. The idea is that the picture tells its own story, no explanation needed. This image came straight to mind as a result, since I’m currently at a loss for words anyway, after my previous lengthy post. Perhaps you too share a similar memory at some point in your life!

my 3rd child, crying away in the car during our Andalucia trip, 2007


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    • a picture which tells a thousand words mulan, that’s the objective! don’t worry, this cry baby has grown up now…this was taken many years ago…traveling in the car especially during long distance trips always brought the tears on!

    • Absolutely…especially as we were travelling from Granada to Seville in Andalucia, Spain which took 4 hours…cry baby was suffering badly, actually managed to climb out of the car seat whilst on the road, we had to make a quick stop at the nearest cafe! 🙂

      • My 10 months old Grandson is so hyper active that he manages to pull himself out of his stroller or High chair! So, I could easily read what was behind those tears of your Sweetie Pie.. May Allah bless you n your family.. Ameen