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Back in January, I received the Liebster Award from a lovely Japanese blogger, Happy Yuan. This award is given by bloggers to other bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. I had less followers back then, but now I’m close to having 200! Quite frankly, I’m not really bothered by the numbers, I know there are people out there who read my blog regularly without actually signing up as a follower. But the more the merrier as they say, always happy to see my blog hits escalate steadily! This blog serves as an outlet for me to note down my emotions, feelings and experiences, to a certain extent that is. I am no professional writer nor photographer; I am a simple Easterner who’s now living permanently in the West, a devoted wife and mother, a dear daughter and sister, a loyal friend to those precious few. That’s me in a nutshell, and my blog themes normally revolve around my roles in life as mentioned. Those interested or curious are welcome to read! Anyway, amidst the hustle and bustle of life which keeps me forever busy, I suddenly realised that I haven’t kept my promise to Happy Yuan, to answer the 11 questions which she posed to all the bloggers she nominated. I hope she will forgive me for the long delay, here they are finally as listed below. As usual blog awards come with many rules and require some work. But I have bent the rules (I did go the whole hog with my first blog award!) and just focused on those 11 golden questions!

  1. What is your New Year’s resolution? To live simply, to be grateful for every little happiness that comes my way, to appreciate everyone and everything around me that lifts my spirits up.
  2.  What time do you go to bed? Depends on the season; around 8-9pm in the winter months, 10-11pm in the summer months.
  3. What foods do you like? Malay followed very closely by Indian. Click on the two words for a huge variety of samples!
  4. Which celebrities do you like? I used to like quite a few in the past but I don’t really see the point anymore. I would rather admire the everyday people around me who exude positive energy into my life.
  5. When is your happy time in your life? I have many happy moments throughout my life; the main ones however are my wedding day, the birth of each of my 4 children and the present, I feel truly blessed.
  6. What is your favorite color to wear? I used to love purple alone but now anything goes. Burgundy suits me well at the moment.
  7. Do you collect anything? Not really. Unless you include those coins that’s always lying around everywhere, I make sure they go into containers/bags. And those fridge magnets that’s covering my white fridge door, if that counts!
  8. What kind of music do you like? Those soothing to the ears.
  9. If you were given USD 10,000 and had to spend in a few days, what would you spend for? That’s £6,500 for me to spend; probably book a luxurious family holiday, buy expensive presents for my loved ones and myself, donate to charity/orphanage/needy.
  10. What do you think of your blog? I think highly of my blog; my very own space to jot down my ramblings, a place for me to reflect and think aloud, an escapism from the daily grind.
  11. What do you think of my blog? Interesting; a great insight into Japan and Japanese way of life through the eyes and mind of a wonderful blogger. Do read her blog, Happy Yuan Fun Life.

That’s all for now folks. Over and out. Wishing all my readers a great weekend and a productive week ahead! I shall be chilling indoors, as the April showers are well and truly here! I also take this opportunity to welcome all my new readers and followers, welcome aboard! Read and you shall learn. To all my dear regulars, thank you so much for sticking around! 🙂


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  1. Hello. Thank you for participating my nomination and introducing my blog. Now congratulations on exceeding 200 followers. You are great! You are my first English blog friend and I still remember you gave me an advice about blogging. I appreciate your kindness 🙂

  2. Hi..Yup! am glad to be in the world of blogging..such that we can share good informations about our countries, food and maybe our hobbies too.
    Enjoy the spring, fren!

    • that’s so true…i wouldn’t have known you otherwise! thank you…i am looking forward to a glorious spring…it’s getting there slowly…still some showers and wind around to open up all the beautiful flowers waiting to bloom! 🙂