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IMG_0663_2There is something about the father-daughter relationship which warms my heart. A man who is tender and loving towards the women folk in his family is high on my list. As in my religion, Islam, it holds in high esteem those parents who nurture daughters. It was the practice of many societies (sadly still prevalent in some today) to discriminate against daughters; the announcement of the birth of a baby girl caused sorrow to many. Islam wiped that practice away, children should not be discriminate based on their gender. My late father didn’t have any sons, but he loved all his three daughters tremendously and showered us with lots of love and warmth. He gave us the best of everything, so much so that we were lost when he left us, now resting peacefully in a better place, InshaAllah.

These days I see my father in my husband; tender and loving towards his three daughters. The relationship he has with his only son is different from his daughters. His daughters are the ones who would automatically wound their arms around him and kiss him abundantly when he returns from work. They are the ones who would fuss over him all the time. Girls are very demonstrative that way. They bring out the best in him. Our youngest daughter, the baby of our family, is no exception. She just cannot be without her papa! She just turned 4 last week. Her birthday coincided with the week she started madrasa, the religious school majority of the British Muslim children attend in the evening. She is now learning the alphabets of the Arabic language, her quick progress amazes me! I felt a bit sad in the beginning when she was away from me, even though it’s only for a couple of hours during weekdays. No more babies in the house!

Anyway, this cheeky little bundle of joy of ours wanted me to write a blog post just about her, particularly after seeing the baby picture of her older sister in my earlier post! So this is especially for her, our little girl, may God bless you and protect you always, may He guide your steps forever. We love you very much, you are like the icing on the cake, a gift from God to add to the joy of having your dear brother and two sweet sisters. I always focus on my blessings, my children are definitely one of them! of Now let’s play that ‘soothing to the ears’ song, I just love this one! 😉


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  1. happy birthday little princess… may your days be filled with happiness, great health, success & rahmat Allah forever..