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spring end


We’re almost at the end of spring now, how time flies! The weather’s still temperamental, you get a few odd days of glorious sunshine, then it’s back to showers and strong winds again. I have learnt not to complain, always make the most of whatever comes my way and be truly grateful, Alhamdulillah! Well, we’ve just had a lovely weekend here, my in laws came over to stay. Although it was just for a few days, my family treasured their visit, for it’s only a handful of times we get together each year, as they live quite far away. My children love both their grandparents a lot and appreciate their dearest auntie driving them all the way to be with us. We took advantage of the warm sunshine and ventured together to our favourite haunt, Bourton-on-the-Water. This beautiful village holds a special place in my heart, I never get tired of visiting it time and again. I have blogged about it in a few other posts before, do click herehere, and here if you haven’t read them.

We had a memorable day together, in my opinion it’s not the place so much that matters but the company. As we go about leading our hectic lives in this modern world, it’s easy to neglect the people we love. Our time in this world is very brief, if we don’t seize the moment we miss the opportunity to create happy memories together. I’ve selected a series of photos below to mark our beautiful day together, hope you’ll like them! I would also like to mention here how disgusted, disgraced and annoyed I felt over the horrific killing of the British soldier in Woolwich, London about a week ago. I totally condemn it and to use the name Islam to justify the barbaric act is totally unacceptable. A belief system is supposed to guard our morals and manners, irrespective or which religion it is. There will always be injustice and violence in this world, but we don’t take actions into our own hands no matter how frustrated or angry we might be. Islam as I’ve always known is of peace, love, respect; true Muslims live a simple and moderate lifestyle, at peace with everyone and everything around them.

can you spot me amongst the picnickers?

my adventurous one, she didn’t mind the cold dip

my lil one feeding the duck

serene and tranquil despite the crowd

clock tower

my little tourist

buying sweets with their auntie

queueing up for ice cream

enjoying her ice cream

admiring the view

Bourton looks lovely in spring

we had a lovely day!

On the last day of my in laws’ visit, we took them out locally to a spring crafts market. The atmosphere was festive (although we were there only briefly as it was almost closing time) and there was a band stand in a corner. The song that was playing is still stuck in my head, I would like to share it with you here. I think it cleverly sums up the memorable weekend I’ve had with my loved ones in this beautiful country which is now my home. It must be love, the reason I am here!

spring reflections


It’s about rain, daffodils, sunshine and breeze. It’s about warmth, colour and a breath of fresh air.

It’s about little buds, blossoms and birds chirping. All life crawls out of hibernation and our hearts open.

 Spring is a time to celebrate, to be romantic, to laugh. Enjoy the new life, live and love!

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always bring nature indoors

always bring nature indoors!

hubby and I at our best - leading a simple life!

hubby and I have always loved the outdoors and a simpler life; without the tie, high heels or designer labels, just a happy smile in our hearts, dancing with the wind!

Just a brief mid-week spring reflection to note, bear with me. I was just thinking of how my other half and I have always strive to lead a fairly simple life (not an easy task in today’s material world). My blog has helped me focus on the many wonderful natural simple things that we sometimes too easily take for granted. Now that we’re approaching our mid-40s, we realize all the more how brief and temporary our lives are. Time is so precious, it is important to focus on the things that matter; the joy and pleasure derived from nature is more lasting than material gain.

Nature offers a calmness, a sense of spiritual well-being in a busy hectic lifestyle which many of us live today. It is easier to love and appreciate your loved ones when you are calm and happy. Yes, this world is not perfect, the bad and ugly lurk in every corner. We do feel sad and we cry. But as Anne Frank (diarist and fugitive of the Third Reich) famously said; “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” Which is precisely what I’m doing. Praise be to God for this beautiful life!!! Enjoy this enchanting melody.❤

blossomed heart


Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. – Mahatma Gandhi

Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath. – Unknown

The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live will be. – Shakti Gawain, Author

The spring sun is out again as I blog this post, how my heart sings! The typical British weather where you get a few days of glorious 20c sunshine; and then comes a week of rain, wind, hailstones and the temperature drops to 10c! Forget that, there are days when you enjoy a few hours of warm sunshine, then in the next couple of hours the wind picks up, you see black clouds and down hails the shower! Which is why our winter coats are still hanging on the coat hooks, along with our rain macs and spring jackets. As with our shoes, we keep switching from boots to pumps to sandals! Oh well, that’s life in England, after 17 years I’m kind of used to it. In fact, I welcome it. For I wouldn’t appreciate the lovely weather as much otherwise!

Anyway, my blossomed heart wants to share a few more pictures today, just several quick snaps here and there as I go about my daily life in my corner of the world. Simple things that made me joyful, little instances which made me merry. One of my friends back in my homeland loves all my photos, she told me to keep them coming, the more the better she said. I couldn’t help but smile when I read her request. I must admit I used to feel a bit down when I thought of my homeland during the first few years in England. The longing is much less now; as much as I do miss my family, relatives and close friends, I know my life is here, I feel at peace. Being surrounded by all the beauty around me helps of course, as well as the love from my dearest hubby and children. I’m ever so grateful for life’s many blessings. My younger sister asked when she visited whether I was happy and content with my life, the answer was simply yes, undoubtedly, Alhamdulillah! ❤

the blackbird (my frequent garden visitor) has laid baby blue eggs!

one of the many cherry trees blossoming at the park

one of the many cherry blossoms at the park in bright spring sunshine

cherrry blossoms up close

my lil one enjoying the sunshine

nothing beats ice-cream on a sunny day, especially from this man!

strawberry tarts baked my girls

few new novels to read

blossoms in my heart!

my mother

Mother's Day wish from my dear old friend

Mother’s Day wish from my dear old friend who inspired this post

my beloved mom with my dearest sisters

my beloved mother with my dearest sisters on Mother’s Day in Malaysia

I woke up to a lazy Sunday morning seeing my beloved family on my Whatsapp message, it made me very happy indeed. My sisters had taken our dearest mother to a high tea buffet at a hotel back in my homeland, in conjunction with Mother’s Day (celebrated in March in England). How I wish I could have been there with them of course. Our mother deserves the best, we can never repay her for all that she’s done for us. That is why my sisters go all out to make her feel wonderful whenever there’s an opportunity to do so, such as on this special day. My mother is in her 7th decade now, she may have slowed down a bit due to her age but in my mind and heart she’s still the strong mother I’ve always known. I still see her in her teacher mode, her profession during her working life. She taught us from the day we were born, we continue to learn from her today. She’s always been there for us, her love knows no boundaries.

Now my 4 children gets a dose of her affection too, my only regret is that we are 6,500 miles away. As the eldest, I feel that I’m the most distant from her, both emotionally and geographically. I was the one she was the most strict with, we grew further apart when I went away to boarding school at the tender age of 13. But deep down inside I know she loves me very much, as I do her. I may not be able to say “I love you mom” as easily as my younger sisters, I may not be able to hug her and say “thank you mom for everything that you’ve done for me”, but I love her heaps nonetheless. I feel that I can relate to her more now than ever before, since I became a mother myself 14 years ago. I understand her feelings and emotions better, I now view things from her eyes. I’m grateful to have her in my life, from the day I was born to date. I pray she continues to have good health, faith and well-being, I pray for her happiness and contentment always. Happy Mother’s Day mama, I love you so very much… ❤


my beloved mother (centre) cutting the Mother’s Day cake with the other moms at the hotel

This gentle melody reminds me of my mom; the beautiful woman who has raised my sisters and I the best way she knew how, the light of my father’s life, lovely, never never change, coz we love you…Wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!


spring outing


We’ve just had a truly smashing weekend, the temperature rose to 21c would you believe! It was the bank holiday weekend here in England, that’s when we get Monday off too, a lovely break indeed, just what we needed. After months of gloomy winter, we were able to go out and about again, such wonderful bliss! This time around we ventured on a steam train that went uphill through a beautiful forest. It was a short trail, but enough to keep us happy. The first stop led us through a short walk into the woods, the next station took us to an adventure tree house and the last one was to a picnic area with a little playground. We thoroughly enjoyed our four hours outdoors today, unforgettable. So much so that I felt the need to blog almost instantly! I am going to allow some of the pictures I took tell you the rest of our story, hope you’ll like them! 😉

the steam train awaits us

come on, let’s queue up

off we go…here comes another train!

my son on the nature trail

the girls leading the way!

on to the next station

are we there yet?

at the adventure tree house

bridge on the tree house

adventure tree house from the outside

there goes the train again!