spring reflections


It’s about rain, daffodils, sunshine and breeze. It’s about warmth, colour and a breath of fresh air.

It’s about little buds, blossoms and birds chirping. All life crawls out of hibernation and our hearts open.

 Spring is a time to celebrate, to be romantic, to laugh. Enjoy the new life, live and love!

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always bring nature indoors

always bring nature indoors!

hubby and I at our best - leading a simple life!

hubby and I have always loved the outdoors and a simpler life; without the tie, high heels or designer labels, just a happy smile in our hearts, dancing with the wind!

Just a brief mid-week spring reflection to note, bear with me. I was just thinking of how my other half and I have always strive to lead a fairly simple life (not an easy task in today’s material world). My blog has helped me focus on the many wonderful natural simple things that we sometimes too easily take for granted. Now that we’re approaching our mid-40s, we realize all the more how brief and temporary our lives are. Time is so precious, it is important to focus on the things that matter; the joy and pleasure derived from nature is more lasting than material gain.

Nature offers a calmness, a sense of spiritual well-being in a busy hectic lifestyle which many of us live today. It is easier to love and appreciate your loved ones when you are calm and happy. Yes, this world is not perfect, the bad and ugly lurk in every corner. We do feel sad and we cry. But as Anne Frank (diarist and fugitive of the Third Reich) famously said; “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” Which is precisely what I’m doing. Praise be to God for this beautiful life!!! Enjoy this enchanting melody.❤


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  1. That last picture of you and your husband is wonderful. Happy Spring to you and your family! While the weather has warmed up in my part of the world, we’re experiencing some serious downpours as well. But no showers would mean no flowers, right? 🙂

    • Hi Lillian, good to hear from you! Happy Spring to you too, and thanks for your lovely comment. Yes, we’re still having plenty of showers after a few days of sunshine…or a few hours into a sunny day! The plants are growing well though as a result, so no complaints there! Count each blessing right…rain is a blessing!

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    • Hi there, thanks for popping by! Yeah, spring makes one fresh and vibrant again…so much natural beauty all around you can’t help but smile…your flowers must be gorgeous!

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