spring end


We’re almost at the end of spring now, how time flies! The weather’s still temperamental, you get a few odd days of glorious sunshine, then it’s back to showers and strong winds again. I have learnt not to complain, always make the most of whatever comes my way and be truly grateful, Alhamdulillah! Well, we’ve just had a lovely weekend here, my in laws came over to stay. Although it was just for a few days, my family treasured their visit, for it’s only a handful of times we get together each year, as they live quite far away. My children love both their grandparents a lot and appreciate their dearest auntie driving them all the way to be with us. We took advantage of the warm sunshine and ventured together to our favourite haunt, Bourton-on-the-Water. This beautiful village holds a special place in my heart, I never get tired of visiting it time and again. I have blogged about it in a few other posts before, do click herehere, and here if you haven’t read them.

We had a memorable day together, in my opinion it’s not the place so much that matters but the company. As we go about leading our hectic lives in this modern world, it’s easy to neglect the people we love. Our time in this world is very brief, if we don’t seize the moment we miss the opportunity to create happy memories together. I’ve selected a series of photos below to mark our beautiful day together, hope you’ll like them! I would also like to mention here how disgusted, disgraced and annoyed I felt over the horrific killing of the British soldier in Woolwich, London about a week ago. I totally condemn it and to use the name Islam to justify the barbaric act is totally unacceptable. A belief system is supposed to guard our morals and manners, irrespective or which religion it is. There will always be injustice and violence in this world, but we don’t take actions into our own hands no matter how frustrated or angry we might be. Islam as I’ve always known is of peace, love, respect; true Muslims live a simple and moderate lifestyle, at peace with everyone and everything around them.

can you spot me amongst the picnickers?

my adventurous one, she didn’t mind the cold dip

my lil one feeding the duck

serene and tranquil despite the crowd

clock tower

my little tourist

buying sweets with their auntie

queueing up for ice cream

enjoying her ice cream

admiring the view

Bourton looks lovely in spring

we had a lovely day!

On the last day of my in laws’ visit, we took them out locally to a spring crafts market. The atmosphere was festive (although we were there only briefly as it was almost closing time) and there was a band stand in a corner. The song that was playing is still stuck in my head, I would like to share it with you here. I think it cleverly sums up the memorable weekend I’ve had with my loved ones in this beautiful country which is now my home. It must be love, the reason I am here!


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  1. Thanks for the wish…Truly lovely- Bourton on the water truly gorgeous- your girls too, your lil on looks big already-so cute with her pink ice cream 🙂

    • The pleasure is mine! Thank you for popping by my blog again…I know you like Bourton on the Water very much, I thought of you when I was there and all the little trinkets that you would have bought to decorate your cosy house! 😉 Yes, my children are growing up really fast, and we are getting older at super speed too!

  2. Thank you so much for the pictures. I went there once some 10 years ago. Brought my brother’s family there who came to visit us in England. I didn’t know this place prior to their visit. It was my sister-in-law who specially requested a visit to Cotswold. It’s beautiful. I didn’t have a good camera back then (well stiil up to now), so was not able to capture the picture nicely. Your photos brought back the beautiful feeling and atmosphere of being there. I can almost feel it… thank you. I have been back in our country for nearly five years. Do you mind to share which camera did you use to capture the pictures? Do you live near to Cotswold? Cheltenham? Cheltenham is another beautiful place. Now I must say they are all beautiful… you must be really grateful for being surrounded by the beauty of Allah’s creation… keep sharing with us. I am not sure, when will I come and visit England again. But the short stay (of nearly 11 years) there, remain as the best part of my life… Alhamdulillah.

    • Thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing your memorable experience. Happy to hear you enjoyed your stay here,11 years is pretty long! I have a Canon Power Shot SX220HS. I live in the Cotswolds…yes Cheltenham is lovely but its a town, I prefer the Costwold villages, they are more tranquil and serene…even when its swarmed with visitors. Alhamdulillah I am grateful to be living in this part of the world…I love being surrounded by nature…and the changing seasons add to the charm…if I was back in Malaysia I would probably choose to settle in Trengganu…I like calm laid back places of natural beauty..I grew up in Penang and loved it but I know it’s different there now…I guess I’ve always been at an outdoor nature kind of girl!

  3. Love the sight so much..not only soothing to the eyes, but the warmth atmosphere brings the loved ones together to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.. Masyallah, lucky you to be in that part of the world that you call home.

    • yes, you are right, thank you for highlighting that…it was nice to see the young and the old, people from various walks of life coming together to spend time with their loved ones in a beautiful setting. Alhamdulillah indeed! thanx so much for popping by my dear blogger friend!

  4. salam. gorgeous pictures… as usual after reading and looking at the pictures in your blog i feel like taking the next flight to the UK!! thanks for sharing the pictures..

    • waalaikumsalam! the pleasure of sharing is mine…i’m happy when family and friends and fellow malaysians take the time to visit my blog…it means a lot, thank you!