summer flavours


Hello all! I am enjoying early summer here, although officially it begins on the 21st of June. To be honest it feels more like spring still (which arrived rather late anyway), and there’s this wind that keeps giving us the chill, a cardigan or jumper must be at hand regardless of how sunny it may be. Nonetheless, my children have been camped in the garden (playing, eating and revising for exams) at the weekend whilst hubby dearest repainted the reception room. It’s the best time to catch up on DIY projects, as the days are rather long (dusk at about 9.30pm). I’ve been pottering about washing everything I can get hold off, my net curtains included. I’ve also been trying out a simple recipe by my favourite cook guru, Nigel Slater. Since I’m into chunky cookies at the moment (which are sold in abundance everywhere it seems), I was delighted to find them featured in his latest cook show. I thought I’d share it here with you, for those interested in the recipe please click here. Even though it was a quiet (family and friends’ visits over) weekend for my family, it was a fruitful one which we all enjoyed.

got all the ingredients together

mix butter and sugar

add eggs and vanilla flavouring

add dark melted choc

toast the hazelnuts then grind them coarsely

add hazelnuts

shape the dough into small balls


ready in 12 minutes!

serve with summer fruits

I am not a food blogger but from time to time I do not mind sharing some of the foods I have prepared. So here are several of our meals at the weekend, just simple dishes from both the East and the West, the running theme of my current life!!! 🙂

soldier toast for breakfast

fried rice for lunch

beef steak for dinner

trifle for dessert


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