life’s beauty


Greetings to all! I need to be reminded of my additional floral display this summer (hence this entry), besides the existing garden blooms which you can find in last year’s spring and summer posts. I don’t consider myself a keen gardener, I actually inherited our lovely garden from the previous owner of my current house. But having said that, both hubby and I do enjoy gardening to a certain degree, we’ve added more flowering and fruit plants in the past 3 years. One of the reasons we can’t go all out with gardening is because we suffer from hay fever every year. Yes, this usually happens in the summer months when pollen count is high in the air. We just cannot stop the sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and throat that by the end of the day we’re just totally shattered! We do take medication but then suffer from side effects as well, so there’s no way out. Well, we can’t have it all our way, Alhamdulillah for all that is good! The weather’s been mainly dull, grey, wet and windy this past week, but there’s still beauty all around to admire and for that I’m truly grateful. This serves as another reminder for me, as I go about supporting a friend who is in need at the moment. Despite the difficulties and frustrations she’s going through, I try to point out her many blessings compared to women who are less fortunate than her. I remind her of all the beauty around her, including her own little garden plot which she has filled with beautiful flowers. I believe she’ll rise above all her problems; as long as she has faith, hope, courage, determination, love and support. Just like all these blooms below; which looked dull and lifeless before, now a beauty and a joy to behold. I’ll continue to be there for my friend (within my capacity), I believe this is what makes us real human beings; being there for one another especially in times of need. It’s not about who has the bigger house, or the highest qualifications, or the best paid job or spends longer time in worship. It’s about your heart, your intentions, your genuine feelings in wanting to see another human being smile, to see all her sad tears change into happy ones. This is what makes life worth living, the reason the world still goes round.

(my summer display)

my hanging basket

my little balcony display

another hanging basket

my yellow roses have climbed higher this summer!

my girls’ patio flowers

my pink roses have bloomed, the sun came out in the end!

My favourite video clip at the moment, which I discovered through another fellow blogger. Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Salam Rosa Noor .Cantik nya bunga di hanging basket tu, kami yang tinggal dinegara semusim ni tidak dapat nak memelihara sebegitu. Pink roses tu amat mengoda. Sangat kagum dengan tumbuhan2 dinegara 4 musim ni, Syabas atas ketabahan memelihara bunga2 ni walau mengidap alahan2 bunga bungaan ni.Cantikkk sangat…

    • thank you kak haneem! I still have 2 more hanging baskets to fill up with blossoms and 2 wall baskets as well, tapi tu lah, rancangan tergendala sebentar disebabkan alahan ni…Alhamdulillah dengan apa yang dah ada…syukur teramat sangat.