ramadan biryani


I can’t believe we’re halfway through Ramadan already, how time flies! Our bodies have adjusted to fasting by now, I certainly feel better for it (do refer to the video clip in my previous post for the health benefits). Anyway, it’s only natural to crave certain foods when you’re fasting, even though you can only manage a small amount when you finally break your fast. I love Indian Biryani, I normally cook it on special occasions like the approaching Eidul-Fitr. Of late I’ve been following another British cook guru, Rick Stein, on his trip to explore foods in India, in a 6 part BBC programme called Rick Stein’s India. Truly amazing I must say, I can relate it to my hubby’s own journey to India earlier this year (do read my posts on India).

Well, Rick Stein had a Chicken Biryani recipe featured in one of his shows, so I decided to try it out. Much simpler than the recipe I’m used to, so it’s great for Ramadan, where you can minimise your cooking time. I cooked it when my hubby completed his first round of Quran recitation, so it was like a mini celebration. Biryani has always been a celebratory kind of dish, fit for a king as they say, or the newborn prince! 😉 You can find the recipe here if you’re interested. I was totally pleased with the result, given the simplistic nature of the recipe. You can adapt it to suit your taste of course, I always lessen the amount of chillies so that my younger ones can enjoy it too. I leave you with a few step by step pictures of my Ramadan Biryani below. Happy cooking to all, especially to the Muslim women busy preparing Iftar dishes for their families to break their fast with. Even the simplest of meals can taste superb when cooked with your own loving hands! 🙂

fried onions and marinade chicken

fry the dry spices

add chopped tomatoes and simmer till almost dry

boil rice separately till half cooked

layer the chicken and rice



8 responses

  1. Asalam Rose….
    I’m thinking of making Nasi beriani when all my children will be back for this long weekend. This sure will give me some great idea….thank you!

    • waalaikumsalam leeza! glad i gave you some inspiration…there’s many variations of biryani as you must know…this one was simple and tasty, we enjoyed it! your children will surely enjoy whatever you cook…mom’s cooking is the best!

  2. Tersentuh pulak bila baca..Even the simplest of meals can taste superb when cooked with your own loving hands! Utk org yg x pandai msk ni..ayat tu sgt2 bermotivasi!Walau x pandai msk setakat ini..Yana x lagi beli lauk di Pasar Ramadan..cuba jgk masak..briyani ni ada jgk masuk dlm wishlist..inshaAllah Jumaat ni cuti..nak cuba2..nmpk dr cara akk msk mcm senang..wish me luck!

    • salam yana, nice to hear from you. i’m sure you pandai masak, don’t put yourself down. as long as your family appreciate and enjoy your cooking, you should be happy. i always try new recipes out whenever i can, sometimes jadi, other times tak, have to be adventurous otherwise stuck with the same old dishes je kan…happy cooking!

  3. Wow, it looks complicated. I am not confident to cook anything which add milk and others… tried once, but didn’t do well, didn’t quite like it. Envy your talent and confident… now what is it that I’m good at? Makan I guess… 🙂 May Allah accept our deeds, especially during this month of Ramadhan. I haven’t visisted your site for quite a while. Thank you for sharing pictures of masjids around Harrow and Birmingham and the halal shops. I really miss Ramadhan in England, I miss tarawih and iftar there, it has so different atmosphere. Felt festive when meeting the muslims even on normal days. Now I can travel back to where once I called home by visiting your blog.

    • Salam Kak Noor, good to hear from you! I suppose it can be daunting if you’re not used to making biryani from scratch, I cook it several times a year, lamb biryani usually, on festive occasions. I use my mother in law’s recipe, certainly one of the best. So this recipe seems very simple to me, yet still as delicious, loved it. I’m glad you can trot down memory lane again via my blog, it’s my pleasure to share as much as I can of my life in this country which is now my home.