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It is late summer here in England, temperatures around 20c with sunshine, showers and wind. The typical English weather which I have grown accustomed to, the one I find rather comforting. Sometimes I cannot believe that I lived in a tropical country for 27 years, I just cannot seem to take the heat anymore! The heat wave we had in Ramadan (27c-30c for almost a fortnight) proved just a bit too much for me. Now it is almost autumnal, I can see little signs of autumn peeking through. But I hope to enjoy the last few weeks of summer that is left yet, with life’s simple pleasures.

To be honest I have not been feeling too good after our Eid celebration, I could not quite figure out the reason at first. I put it down to general tiredness after fasting in Ramadan, but that wasn’t the cause. If anything Ramadan had been really uplifting for me. It’s actually the feeling I got from missing the festive Eid atmosphere back in my homeland; the spirit of togetherness by spending time with close family, relatives and friends. Eid in England is often a quiet affair, I cannot explain it, it just is. I have got used to it after all these years (almost 2 decades now) but cannot help feeling alone at this time of the year. I pray that I get the chance to celebrate Eid with my loved ones back in my homeland sometime soon, InshaAllah. My children do not know any different, they have each other and they have been raised with so much love and affection they do not crave anything more. But I cannot help longing for them to experience that wonderful atmosphere I once knew, one fine day, God Willing.

Looking on the bright side though, I feel fortunate to have been able to meet up with a few friends recently for an Eid party at the park! These ladies do not have their families close by either to celebrate Eid with, so it was nice to be together, our children had a whale of a time. The boys played water guns and football, the girls rode their bikes and played houses, the little ones blew bubbles and enjoyed the fountain. The simplicity of our gathering and the closeness we felt brought tears to my eyes, for I realised it lifted my mood instantly. I may not have the ideal Eid celebration I longed for, but I experienced something which suited me better. A simple Eid party which taught me to appreciate others around me, to accept and be happy with something different. I leave you with several images which depict life’s simple pleasures, as a gentle reminder for me to be content and grateful always for everything that comes my way. A cheerful song at the end will not hurt either!

Eid party at the park

spending time at the local farm again

visiting the local farm again with our friends

Dreaming of a simple summer holiday now, kind of like this one, minus the mishap! 😉


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  1. I know just how you feel, Hibiscus Rosa, I too miss not being with my own at Christmas time for example, and also the heat seems to be less agreeable with me now that I am not 25 any longer :). I miss Spring and Autumn in London and down in Suffolk with all the nice weather, flowers, trees changing their colour etc. But then, I am happy here – home now is where my husband is.

    • Thank you Carina for understanding how I feel, only those who have left their homeland for good will be able to relate to this ‘longing’ which comes once in a while, for example at festive season. But life goes on…I’m getting on with things now and looking forward to something exciting! 🙂 Yes, home is where my husband is too, that’s why I’m in England!

  2. Hibiscus,

    I thought that only people of my country had that problem. I have lived outside my country for 10 years now, and I sincerely miss the Eid celebrations. There are festive and fun. May Allah gives us long life to celebrate at least one Eid in our respective country very soon in sha Allah! 🙂 And nice blog btw mashaAllah, I love flowers :)!