paignton pier


Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.

Each season has its joy to treasure, to lift one’s spirits and brings us pleasure.

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.

Greetings everyone! I’ve been rather busy this week, coat hunting in particular, what a nightmare! It’s not easy choosing winter coats for my children, the girls in particular. They grew out of last year’s winter warmers over the summer months, therefore I have to replace them. That’s why I don’t tend to buy expensive items for my children, they only last a season! Summer’s well and truly gone as I blog this post, autumn has  arrived with temperatures around mid-teens at present. I do find it rather chilly for mid-September to be honest, I have my socks and jumper on most of the time. Looks like we might have a long cold winter ahead! This is when I tend to miss my all year round sunny homeland. This week also marks my 17th year of living in England, how time flies! Seems like it was only yesterday when I landed at Heathrow, did my MA degree, got married and had 4 children!

Anyway, I have the cherished memories of my summer holidays to keep me smiling this autumn, here’s my next installation! The pictures were taken at Paignton Pier, about 20 minute drive from the holiday park we stayed at. We had a lovely memorable time even though the beach wasn’t as nice as the other ones on the English Riviera. The walk on the pier, the adventure playground, the carousel and donkey rides all added to the charm of this little seaside town. Will post of our steam train ride and ferry crossing from Paignton to Dartmouth next time, do stay tuned! 🙂


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    • yeah, everyone loves a woollen coat! 🙂 however these days parkas are more practical, as weather here is often wet and windy! I finally bought a parka for my youngest, a woollen coat for my middle one and a kind of woollen parka coat for my big daughter. they all have different tastes and requirements!

      • Oh yes…that they do! I was kind of lucky in that all 3 of my kids enjoyed shopping for clothes (even the boys!) Some of my friends’ kids weren’t so cooperative, and it sounded like such a chore whenever they needed things!

    • yeah, i can imagine! a good friend of mine just returned from lahore over the summer holidays, she was saying how hot it was! temperature’s perked up a bit over here in England, next few days supposed to be around 20c! time to tidy up my garden!