autumn cheer


We are Friends for LifeGreetings everyone! Allow me to take a short break from posting my endless summer holiday photos, let us focus on what is happening at present for a change. We are in early autumn here in England, my favourite season of the year. Autumn is also the beginning of the school year; so I am back to home educating my girls, in particular my oldest one. I am preparing her for the secondary grammar school 2014 entrance exam which is just round the corner (they do the exams a whole year earlier). Hopefully, InshaAllah, she will do well just like her big brother did.

Exams are always so stressful so I was delighted when a dear old friend from my homeland visited me recently. She is on a work trip in London and Paris for a week at the moment but took a couple of days off to visit me first. We go back a long way, we meet up every time I returned home and whenever she’s in England, which has been quite often. Out of all my old friends, she’s the one who has visited me the most here. She’s a highly successful career woman who’s done really well for herself, but she is ever so humble, caring and thoughtful. When she went through a rough patch in her life, she didn’t moan or groan in despair, she carried on as best as possible. All in all, she’s a wonderful person, I admire her so much and I’m happy to call her my friend. We’ve known each other since we were teenagers, we’ve seen each other at our best and at our worst. Now we’re both heading towards our mid-40s, I pray our friendship will last forever more.

I have a handful of treasured friends who mean a lot to me, I love them for their genuine hearts. I cannot express how much it means to me when they take the trouble to visit me and keep me close at heart. To my dear old friend, thank you for coming, you are my autumn cheer, bringing the warm sunshine from Malaysia with you! Her elder sister, who is also my precious friend, told me her sister’s fond of ABBA. I have included the song below just for her! To all my beloved old friends; thank you for the music, for the joy in my life, for giving it to me…❤

the best mirror is an old friend


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  1. Hi Rosa, interesting posting. When autumn leaves start to fall. This coming to you from Canada.
    Our trees here too changing colours, and by late October will be when Canada turns to gold, and ole man winter brings it cold North winds.
    Thats a very nice portrait of you with the autumn leaves.
    Have fun and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

    • hello again, thank you for popping by! yes, autumn is lovely, despite the cold winds and wet shorter days. that’s not me with the autumn leaves, it’s my dear old friend. I always have a song in my heart, don’t worry! 😉

  2. Salam sis Rosa Noor,
    So you really home-educating your children? I’m so proud of you….Your courage to make sure your kids receive the best education in their lives! I’ve been thinking of the same learning method for my children, School is not for everyone..but, yess, it gets me nowhere, because I don’t know where to start since rasanya dekat sini (our country) salah kalau tak hantar anak pergi sekolah plus lack of support..sources and etc..

    • Yes Yana, I’ve been home educating my children from the womb till they’re 12 (secondary school starts)! I would have continued home educating but the secondary grammar schools here are rather good so might as well make the most of the opportunity available (hubby and I still monitor and assist our son in all subjects though). I’ve read several articles of families from various backgrounds home educating in Malaysia. Formal education starts too early here in the UK, as young as 4 years old! We are not keen on that at all. Malaysia is fine in the sense primary begins at 7 years old.