raking leaves


I found this poem which brought a small smile to my face, it reminded me of my son’s activity last weekend! Do enjoy it!

The Aching Joy of Raking Leaves

by Steven West

From dusk to dawn,
Falling leaves coat my lawn.
Trees at my home and trees next door.
Cover my green, grassy floor.
With rake in hand, I stand alone.
Bending down with an aching moan.
Pile after pile I rake in place.
A warm, sweat covers my face.
Bags after bags there must be twenty two.
Finally, I say that I am all through.
Then just as I am ready to go inside
And lay on my couch with pillow aside.
Wouldn’t you know a gusty wind crosses my place.
To empty thousands of leaves on my space.
I take my rake and break it in two.
I’ve had enough raking; What more can I do?
A young boy taps me on my hand.
“For ten bucks I’ll rake your leaves off your land.”
I accept the offer then go inside.
Then collapse on my couch as if I had died.
It doesn’t take long for me to fall asleep.
But I start counting leaves instead of sheep.

my son raked the autumn leaves for us this year

goodbye autumn leaves (the ever-green leaves on though)

my hubby raked the leaves last autumn


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