winter cheer


Hello everyone! Just a quick post as I’ve truly missed blogging, just been so busy though with the whole family at home over the winter break. Weather’s been mainly dull, dreary and gloomy, lashings of rain and strong gales which had caused flooding, power cut and travel disruptions in many parts of the UK. We haven’t had snow yet however, temperature’s still around 6-9c, not cold enough! Anyway, we’ve been hibernating as we normally do at this time of the year. Our winter cheer comes from food that is plentiful, our warm fireplace and each other’s company, Alhamdulillah. This is also the time we catch up on our favourite movies, with daylight approximately 8 hours daily, our activities are all confined indoors! If you dwell on it can be rather depressing really. But after 17 years I’ve got used to these dark winter months and I tend to just get on with it the best I possibly can.

I can hear the strong winds howling away as I blog this post, probably about 30 miles per hour. Anyway, I shall leave you now with several images of my winter cheer and a song from my children’s favourite Christmas cartoon, The Snowman. There’s something magical and sad about it, I get melancholy each time I watch it. Anyway, I’ll probably catch up with you all in the New Year, can’t believe we’re at the end of 2013 already, where has the year gone? For those of you in the West, don’t forget to wrap up warm! And for those in the East, never take the sun for granted! Till next time, take good care folks! 🙂

our warm fireplace

cuppa tea!

chocs always cheer us up

cracking nuts by the fireplace

Shepherd’s Pie

roasted chic

lil ones decorating their freshly baked cupcakes

they decorated their gingerbread biscuits

our choc chip muffins

our choc chip muffins

butter cake


6 responses

  1. I can understand how you feel & happy you’ve got used to the dreary weather. I myself was feeling kinda irritable for the longer nights than days tho it was just for a few days.
    Cheer up Rosa….you have your lovely family for warmth. Happy new year!

    • thank you liza…I’m coming up to my 2nd decade of living in England, have to get used to the weather and all by now, right? 🙂 Happy New Year to you and family!

  2. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. I remember that – the song and the roasting. Isn’t that beautiful? But I prefer the rain and the sunshine.