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Hello everyone! Hope you’re all well, wherever you may be. Do you believe in the saying ‘Time heals?’ And ‘This too, shall pass?’ I believe they hold true in everyone’s lives, there is light at the end of the tunnel after each difficult event we face. One cannot remain miserable for a long time, sooner or later there will be a reason to smile. Alhamdulillah, I’m starting to feel more like myself again, ever since my neighbour passed away 2 weeks ago I’ve been a tad sad. But such is life, one minute you feel like you’re on top of the world, the next minute you hit rock bottom. The main thing is to learn to pick yourself up once more, having loved ones and close friends you can confide in truly helps. And learning to forgive yourself is extremely crucial, especially for sensitive souls like me. Life is constantly changing, nothing stays the same for very long. I must learn to adapt and go with the flow, I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. Let it go, as they say! No point beating myself up over stuff that has happened, some things are just not meant to be. How long can one live with regret?

Anyway, I thought I would blog about happy moments this time around. What came straight to mind was weddings of course. I love looking at wedding photos where everyone’s dressed up, happy and smiling. I’ve attended many family weddings (hubby’s side) over the 16.5 years I’ve been married and living in England. They’ve all been very festive and joyous, I’ve enjoyed them immensely. I do miss attending Malay weddings though, it’s been ages since I’ve been to one. Just waiting for my sisters to pull their act together now for some wedding bells to ring! I’ve selected several of my family photos below from the recent weddings we’ve attended over the past couple of years, blissful moments which have made us smile. Hope you’ll like them, a slice of my life here! Enough tears for now, let us cheer up and smile some, yeah!



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  1. Rosa…you hv such beautiful children…
    By the way I’ve just read about Uncle Lionel…I’ve been busy lately with my son being sick.
    Tho I don’t know him but it is so sad to know that he’s without a companion & he died alone in the house…my sympathy towards him.

    • Thank you…my children are all growing up really fast…time does fly! Yes, it is very sad indeed with regards to my neighbour, Uncle Lionel. He was determined to stay independent right to the end, his relatives couldn’t convince him to stay in a nursing home, he didn’t want to burden them either by staying with them.

  2. Salam. Rosa Noor
    LIFE IS FULL OF UPS AND DOWNS. WITHOUT THE DOWNS, THE UPS WOULD MEAN NOTHING. Sangat benar kata2 ini, rasanya agak lama tak menjenguk blog ni dan akak pun dah lama tak update blog. Berbagai dugaan yang diharungi dan pastinya jika direnung setiap musibah ada hikmah disebaliknya. Walau apa jua dugaan yang dilalui kita tidak harus mengabaikan kehidupan ini dan orang2 yang kita kasihi. Jika difikirkan begitu banyak yang menyeronokan Allah beri tapi dengan sedikit ujian yang diberi seolah ia susah yg teramat. Seronok tengok wajah anak2 yang makin remaja tu semoga rosa dan keluarga behagia dan sentiasa diberkati Allah.Doakan juga yang terbaik buat akak.

    -Kak Haneem-

    • Waalaikumsalam Kak Haneem, hope you are well, miss reading your blog posts! That’s so true, we are so set in our ways, so comfortable with our cozy lives that we sometimes forget that this world is a test, it is not our final destination. Alhamdulillah for the endless blessings God’s given us, and may we have the patience to endure whatever trials and tribulations that come our way. Thank you for your doas Kak Haneem, same goes to you and beloved family.

  3. I am glad you have pulled yourself out from the gloom. Life, as I always say can not be tailor made to perfection! We all have our joys and sorrows and feel totally pulled down at times, but the strong ones among us (people like you) know how to bounce back! Thanks for sharing the family pictures. Your kids are very cute ma sha Allah and you look smart in your Malay dress!

    • Thank you for popping by! I don’t think I’m that strong, I try to be though. Each life experience makes us a tad stronger I suppose. Glad you liked the pics, I have so many, just thought I’d share a few happy moments here. My children are growing up fast, you can see the changes in them from 2011-2013. My Malay dress, my mom send me a few now and then, for my girls too, so that I don’t lose my own culture and heritage.

      • Most of us are stronger than we think ourselves to be! 🙂 Adversities in life come to make us acquainted with these qualities! I agree with your Mom, wherever we live we should not forget our culture and heritage! Take good care of yourself..its always a pleasure to interact with you.
        N.B I had posted the link to the translation of Faiz’s poem specially for you! Wonder if you saw it!

  4. Aslmkm Rosa..
    It was so sad reading about Uncle Lionel. Whatever it is life has to go on.
    We cannot be sulking of what had happened or even blaming what not to be done.
    Glad that you are back to be yourself again.
    Nice family pictures.

    • Waalaikumsalam…yeah, true of course, life goes on and we just have to adapt the best we can. Felt really strange at first not hearing anything from Uncle Lionel’s house in the first week or so after his death. Getting used to it by now. Glad you liked the pictures, thank you for popping by!