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the smiley faces of the MAS stewardesses (courtesy of Google Images)

It’s rather difficult for me to carry on as normal right now, ever since I learnt of the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) MH370 plane as I woke up last Saturday. MAS is the airline which my family, relatives, friends, fellow Malaysians and I myself rely on to travel back and forth across the globe. I have travelled from London Heathrow-Kuala Lumpur and back again numerous times via Malaysia Airlines throughout my 17.5 year stay in England. My memories on Malaysia Airlines have always been sweet; the comforting voice of the Captain, the smiley faces of the Stewards/Stewardesses as they went about catering to my every need. I was truly shocked and deeply saddened when I heard of MH370’s disappearance en route to Beijing about and hour after take-off. To date (on to day 4), there hasn’t been any concrete sighting of the plane, much to everyone’s despair. Many speculations have emerged but nothing has been confirmed yet.

I hope and pray that something substantial will transpire soon to provide answers to the minds and hearts of everyone involved. A major catastrophe such as this is very hard to bear, especially for a peaceful nation like Malaysia. I may be thousands of miles away, but I feel for my fellow Malaysians and the Chinese (2/3rds of them on the plane) nation. I admire the unity and solidarity Malaysians of all walks portray as they try to shoulder the burden of this tragedy together. May God give us the strength and patience to endure this very trying time, my thoughts and prayers are with you and those on flight MH370…


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  1. Assalamualaikum kak

    How are you? I’ve been into semi retirement in blogging. But really active in instagram. If you’re in pls follow me @ thesingingpilot


    • Waalaikumsalam, hope you’re well! You came straight to mind when I heard of MH370, don’t know why! I’m not on any social network, this blog alone is sufficient for me! Do keep in touch, take extra care whilst up there and hope you get back to blogging someday soon, you’re very good at it!

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