spring blooms


It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. ~ Charles Dickens

Hello everyone! Hope all well! I’m still recovering from coughs and colds, got the bug from my children who went downhill one after another the whole of last week. It’s quite common to catch a bug at the change of seasons. I didn’t quite mind it, but blowing hot and cold and the giddiness did get to me in the end. My hubby had to return from work earlier than usual last Friday as I felt so dizzy I couldn’t get up. Fortunately it was then the weekend so he was home to take care of us! At times like this I realise how crucial the role of a wife and mother is, when I’m down seems like the whole house is down too. My family can manage without me but it’s not the same somehow. I’m certain all wives and mothers out there understand what I’m trying to say. I’m afraid this is all I can manage this time around, still need to rest to recover fully. I leave you with several Spring blooms images I managed to capture recently, hope you’ll like them. I’ve also included a Malay song I used to love many moons ago, felt like having a listen to it today, don’t know why! Guess having been ill has made me a touch sentimental, felt a sudden need to stroll down memory lane…Till next time folks…take good care yeah!

* Just read the news that the missing flight MH370 (Malaysia Airlines) ended in the Indian Ocean. 😦 My thoughts and prayers are with those on board and their respective families, relatives and friends. Life is indeed very fragile.

cherry blossom can be seen on many streets

my plum tree is blossoming too

pink primroses in my garden

my yellow primroses

Great song (keeps me young at heart!), I still love it, 3 decades on! 🙂


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    • thank you Liza! Spring is here but it’s still cold, even when the sun is bright outside. Hopefully the weather perks up in a few weeks, so we can enjoy the outdoors more…

  1. Oh yes, I can SO relate: when a mother is under the weather, everything falls apart! All the little things we do that no one quite realizes become very apparent when a few days go by with them all undone. I hope you are feeling better!
    Your cherry blossoms are so beautiful! I lived in Washington D.C two different times during my life and those trees were one of the things I loved most about the area. Seeing a row in bloom on a city street is quite the sight!
    Happy Spring to you and yours!

    • Hi Karen, thanx for popping by! Yes, I’m slowly recovering, thank you. I love cherry blossoms, used to admire my opposite neighbour’s at this time of the year, till they decided to chop it off last Autumn, what a shame! I have more cherry blossom images from last Spring’s posts, they just make the whole landscape dreamy like in fairy land…