Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life




my older 3 and I at a world famous street back in 2007

This is one picture which came to mind when I read this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life. It was buzzing and I loved it, despite looking stressed with 3 kids in tow at the time! Now I have 4 in total, but they are much older! Anyway, rather than informing you the location of this photograph, why don’t you have a guess instead? It’s not in England, that much I can tell you. Go on, have a guess, you can leave your answers in the comments below if you like. Take good care for now!


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  3. I’m usually terrible at guessing but I’ll try it anyway…. seeing as how I just recently went to Paris and this street looks somewhat like the ones I visited there, I’ll guess this is the Champs-Elysees there. 😉

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