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Greetings everyone, hope all well out there! Apologies for the rather long silence, just been a wee bit busy with this and that. Which is a good sign of course, I’m living life to the fullest and focusing on the present moment. Life is too short, it’s best to utilize every precious time you’ve got. At this point in my life, my growing family is my main focus. My beloved hubby of course, and my 4 children who are developing super fast right before my very eyes! I also keep regular tabs with my family back home (thanks to our advance technologies), so this time around I thought I’d share with you the latest news from them.

My youngest sister had the most wonderful privilege to attend an audience with President Obama at a gathering for the Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative in our capital Kuala Lumpur today. She was selected by her Professor at University Malaya, Malaysia, where she’s currently completing her part-time Masters degree. We are very proud of her of course, it’s not everyday that one becomes a participant in an assembly with the President of the United States! President Obama is in Malaysia for a 3 day visit, the last time an American President set foot in my homeland was in 1966, even before I was born!

This is a joyous moment indeed for my family, my late dad too would have been really delighted for his baby girl. My sister also passed her Masters viva a few days ago, so she’s one truly happy bunny for now! Anyway, this post is specially dedicated to her, I am very proud of you little sis! You have come a long way, I pray you will have many more glorious and inspiring moments in your life to come, InshaAllah! We all love you forever more! ❤

A red carpet welcome for Mr. President from our King

A red carpet welcome for Mr. President from our King

my sister with her invitation

my sister with her invitation to the gathering

the audience at University Malaya

the audience at University Malaya

My youngest sister in red

My youngest sister amongst them

my sister captivated

my sister captivated

my sis shook hands with Mr. President!

she shook hands with Mr. President at the end!

close-up snap by my sister

that charismatic smile, close-up snap by my sister

Do watch a clip of the above-mentioned gathering here if you so wish, my sister’s in the background! 🙂








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    • thank you Karen, yeah, she’s come a long way, I’m very proud of my baby sis! meeting Obama in person and having had the chance to thank him personally has certainly made her day!

  1. As I’m in the midst of my own Master’s, I know what an achievement it is for your sister to complete it. And I’m very envious of her meeting with Obama! I still have yet to have an opportunity to see him up close and personal but one can always hope. 😉 Hope you and your family are doing well, I’ve missed your posts!

    • Hi there Lillian, hope you’re well too, I feel touched to know you’ve missed my posts! 🙂 My sister wasn’t expecting it either, out of the blue her Professor selected her as one of the participants, so you never know when such opportunities will arise! I hope your life will be filled with many successful joyous occasions too!