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It was Mother’s Day in Malaysia yesterday, over here in the UK it was celebrated back in March. I don’t think I can ever blog enough about my mother, the woman who means the world to me. I have arrived at the stage in my life where I feel really close to my mother. Perhaps you might find that ironic considering the fact that she’s 6,500 miles away from me! I’m very much like my mother in many ways, therefore we clashed a lot whilst I was growing up. I was head strong and so was she, my late dad was the one I turned to at times when my mom failed to understand me. I realised now that she always had my best interest at heart, but because we were so much alike in character and personality, we found it hard to communicate effectively.

It’s rather different now, for the past 2 decades since I’ve become a wife and mother myself our relationship has improved in more ways than one. I think we’ve both changed as people as we age further, which leads to better understanding and acceptance of one another. I used to favour my late dad more as a parent; he was the sensitive, emotional and caring one, always there with a warm hug, the one I could talk to and vice versa. But I know now that it’s my mother who I needed most (especially now); I value her advice, wisdom and prayers more than ever. As I raise my 4 children I realised that my mom treated my 2 younger sisters and I differently because each child is unique, not because she favours one over the other. Being the eldest I used to resent how my mom paid more attention to my younger sisters as we were growing up. I know now it’s not because she loved me any less, but because she felt that I was very independent (I was at boarding school since 13). I could go on and on about my relationship with my mother, I could write on forever.

In a nutshell however, let’s just say that I’m truly glad that I’ve reached this point where I totally understand and accept my mother for who she is. And vice versa of course. I know she misses me and my family and wished we were geographically closer. But I also know it would break her heart if I was round the corner from her but depressed in my life. As reluctant as she was when she agreed to let me marry a ‘foreigner’ almost 2 decades ago, I know she is at peace when it comes to me because I am happy where I am, with my beloved husband and children. And that is what a loving mother wishes for her dear daughter, to be blessed and content in her life. Thank you Mama for your endless love and prayers, I will never be able to repay you for all that you’ve done for me, I am eternally grateful. You are the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met, I am proud to be your daughter forever. My family and I miss and love you so very much, may we meet again sometime soon, InshaAllah. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all other beautiful moms out there. ❀ ❀

my mother during her youth

my mother in her youth

my mother in her 7th decade

my mother in her 7th decade




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  1. I failed to notice that Mother’s Day in the UK was celebrated in March (since most of the rest of the world celebrates it in May) so when the ads and promotions kept popping up, I was very confused and thought they were going overboard with the promos 2 months in advance. Mothers really are the best and I’m lucky in that I’ve always had a loving, friendship-like relationship with my own mom. A very happy Mother’s Day to both you and your mom, she looks lovely in both pictures. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Lillian! πŸ™‚ You’re very fortunate to have a friend in your mom, that’s truly special indeed. It’s never too late I suppose, I’m happy I can finally relate and feel close to my mom, in fact I miss her more than ever these days!

  2. My children and myself do not see eye to eye and I totally agreed with you that because you and your mum are so much alike, you find it hard to communication. I am facing the same scenario here with my kids and I call it ‘head-on collision’. As one grows older, one gets more mellow so the mother-child relation will eventually be smoother and more appreciative. I enjoyed reading your post as I connect and know exactly what you are talking out.
    With kind regards, Jess (little Borneo Girl)

    • Hi there Jess, thank you for popping by! I have the same problem with my children as they grow up, it’s never easy especially with the ones who’s most like you! But we learn from the past, so I try my best to improve our relationships as we go along. Easier said than done sometimes! πŸ™‚

      • So true. The love hate relationship. In the end blood is thicker than water and we hate and we still love. Yes, it’s not easy but will be easier once when we get older. I am closer to my mum than I was ever before. Warm regards to you and family. πŸ™‚

  3. Salaams Sister,

    Great Blog, beautifully written. MashaAllah. May Allah (SWT) reward you for your efforts. Ameen.

    I have recently started my Blog: FaithIsWhereTheHeartIs. Check it out, inshaAllah. Let me know about what your thoughts are on the Articles I have written. πŸ™‚

  4. There is love and care in all that a mother says…even if it is oa sharp word.. I am so glad that you realize the worth
    of your Mom while she is still around… may Allah bless her with a long and healthy life. Only when we ourselves raise our children do we understand why our mothers did or said something at such and such situation. Mine has left for her eternal abode nearly two decades back but I can still not fathom my love for her and vice versa!! May her soul rest in peace Ameen

    • I know exactly what you mean, each and every word makes sense…I’m glad you can relate to what I’ve written about my mother. Most of my writings are just my heart’s chattering, I’m happy when others can actually identify with some of them…

  5. Hi Rosa..
    It’s been sometime i hve not comment in here.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you dear! Have a great day with your loved ones.