rapeseed field


Life is not lived in the past, neither is it lived wandering in future. Life is for today, and it is today. Live it, love it, see it, and show how capable you are of everything you wish to achieve. Enjoy this beautiful day! Always thank God for life…the simple fact you’re still breathing and smiling!

Greetings everyone! How are you all? I’m currently enjoying the last day of our Spring heatwave before the rain pours down on us again. The weather’s been good, Alhamdulillah. We’ve been enjoying the garden (I’ve mowed our lawn twice!), we even managed a couple of barbeques already. As usual I’ve been taking lots of photos as I go about my daily life, but these days I just find it difficult to find the time to blog as often as I’d like to. Never mind, I do what I can! This post is actually about the rapeseed field I discovered not too far away from where a friend lives. I only see her once in a blue moon so I suppose the field wouldn’t have been noticeable during other seasons. But it is bright yellow in Spring, one can’t help but notice it!

I managed to get close enough to snap some photos, I couldn’t venture to the middle though for fear of trespassing. Nonetheless, I am quite satisfied with the few photos I managed to capture via my mobile phone, I don’t always carry my camera with me. I’ve always wanted to take photos of a rapeseed field, this one is the closest one to me and easily accessible. The rest are often seen as we drive along the countryside roads/dual carriageways/motorways at 50-80 miles per hour! Anyway, hope you will like them. It was a bright sunny day when I took the pictures, I remember feeling really happy, it certainly lifted my spirits up. Till next time then folks, take good care! 🙂

Somehow this song came to mind as I was admiring the beautiful landscape, hope you will enjoy it too!


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  1. oh what a wonderful surprise to stumble across that golden field! Your pics capture it so beautifully!
    Did I tell you my daughter and I are making our first trip to your beautiful England? We’ll be around for two weeks in Sept and are so looking forward to it!

    • thank you! 🙂 yes you have mentioned your imminent visit a few times, you must be super excited! you will find England rather minute and quaint compared to America!

  2. I once saw a field of yellow coloured flowers and now I finally knew that they were rapeseed flowers.So pretty!!

  3. Such natural beauty has the power to boost the most drooping of spirits!! Jazakillah for sharing the wonderful pictures and Alhumdulillah for all His Blessings!