nostalgic eid


Greetings everyone! How was your Eid celebration? I’m certain those back in my homeland Malaysia have had a festive one. Mine was rather quiet as I mentioned in my previous post. Eid usually makes me rather melancholy, particularly when I recall how I lost my beloved dad on Eidul Fitri 2001. Yes, he passed away on Eid Day itself, just before noon. It was traumatic for all of us. He kept saying he wanted to go home on Eid Day and so he did. He was always the most happiest on Eid Day, it’s usually the highlight of the year for him. In a way I’m happy that he left this world to meet his Creator on this very blessed day.

Anyway, I would like to tell you about one of my dearest aunties in this post. She’s my late dad’s elder sister, the one who’s always there for her younger siblings. She’s bubbly and friendly, generous and kind. After my dad passed away, she phoned my mom every day without fail. She was always good at keeping in touch with everyone anyway. I miss her tremendously these days. She is still alive, but she’s no longer the same. She had a bad fall several years ago and suffered from a massive stroke. She’s now house bound, she needs assistance in moving around and has a 24/7 carer.

She’s also lost her memory partially, I was very sad the last time I met her because she could hardly recognise me. She speaks in the past tense, she recalls people and memories from before she had the stroke. The doctors are still helping her out, physically she has made amazing recovery for she could hardly move in the beginning. I shall keep praying for my auntie, I miss the good times with her. I also miss many of my other relatives, Eid makes me reminisce my growing up years with them back in Malaysia. Even though I’m so far away, they still enquire after me every time they contact my mom. The usual question is when will she be returning next?

Inshallah (God Willing), I will be home again when the time is right. In the meantime, I pray the best for all my relatives back home, the lovely memories we’ve shared shall always remain with me. I feel sad to hear of my uncles and aunties suffering from an illness or another, I have lost them one by one over the past decade or so. I am grateful to several of my cousins who are good at keeping in touch with me, when the older generation are all gone, we are the ones left behind to continue the family ties. In this day and age, many of the younger generation do not bother so much anymore. My relatives remind me of who I used to be, they are part of who I am. As much as possible, I want them to remain part of me forever. Let not the distance be a hindrance.

my final eid with my beloved dad

my final eid with my beloved dad

my beloved auntie with my son before her stroke

my beloved auntie with my son before her stroke

my auntie after her stroke

my auntie after her stroke, the light has gone out of her

Nostalgic Eid song…one of my favourites…


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  1. Rosa…tho it has been almost a week ….i still want to wish you selamat hari raya Aidil Fitri & maaf zahir batin. It is sad to know that on this joyful day you have lost someone so dear to you.
    I hope you can replace it with some beautiful memories tho part of it will still linger on you’re mind.

    • Thank you so much Liza, hope you’ve had a lovely Raya with your loved ones. Yes, Raya will always be a bit nostalgic for me because memories of losing my dad will always be there. But life goes on and I know he would have wanted me to continue to be happy with my family and InshaAllah I will try my best.

  2. Capture your present and think of your past without regret. You have a long way ahead. Mine is very much in the past, being in late autumn. I reminisce of a happy past and work for a better future for the underprivileged. Seeing these people succeed in life gives me the sense of having done something, something which I hope will bear fruit when the present is over and I become my children’s pleasant memory. Wish you and family another successful year till the next Ramadhan.

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful advice. I admire what you’ve done for the community around you, I hope to take a leaf out of your book. I pray the best for you and family, may Allah grant you peace and blessings in this world and the next, Amin. Remember us here in your doas.